Toshiba power jack repair socket input port connector fix

Toshiba power jack repair is an every day occurrence. In most of the toshiba laptops the dc jack gets pushed in into the laptop or the pin on the jack itself breaks requiring an installation of the new power jack inside of the laptop. We have worked on every model of toshiba laptop over the last 13 years we have connectors in stock for all of them. If you want us to replace a broken power jack on your laptop just pack it up and ship it over. Below are some videos that we made while fixing a few Toshiba laptops.

Toshiba Satellite L670 Series L670, L670-, L670-0ED, L670-0FY, L670-01C, L670-01M, L670-01T, L670-02G, L670-02H, L670-02K, L670-02L, L670-02W, L670-08X, L670-10N, L670-011, L670-011C, L670-011D, L670-011M, L670-011Q, L670-011R, L670-035, L670-042, L670-055, L670-1GQ, L670-1GR, L670-1H1, L670-1H9, L670-1JP, L670-103, L670-111, L670-112, L670-116, L670-117, L670-12J, L670-127, L670-128, L670-13C, L670-13D, L670-13F, L670-13R, L670-134, L670-136, L670-137, L670-138, L670-14E, L670-14F, L670-14L, L670-14M, L670-14P, L670-142, L670-146, L670-147, L670-149, L670-15C, L670-15D, L670-15L, L670-15N, L670-15Q, L670-15P, L670-150, L670-153, L670-154, L670-159, L670-16E, L670-16L, L670-16M, L670-16W, L670-16Z, L670-17C, L670-17E, L670-17H, L670-17T, L670-170, L670-171, L670-172, L670-174, L670-175, L670-178, L670-18E, L670-18D, L670-18F, L670-18T, L670-184, L670-187, L670-189, L670-19E, L670-192, L670-195
Toshiba Satellite L670D Series L670D, L670D-, L670D-02M, L670D-063, L670D-090, L670D-102, L670D-103, L670D-105, L670D-106, L670D-109, L670D-11M, L670D-11N, L670D-11Q, L670D-11T, L670D-11W, L670D-12G, L670D-120, L670D-128, L670D-13D, L670D-13E, L670D-13F, L670D-13H, L670D-13Q, L670D-13R, L670D-13T, L670D-14E, L670D-14K, L670D-14N, L670D-14P, L670D-146, L670D-149, L670D-15C, L670D-15H, L670D-15J, L670D-15K, L670D-15Q, L670D-15U, L670D-159, L670D-16H, L670D-16T
Toshiba Satellite P750 Series P750-, P750-01Y, P750-02J, P750-03T, P750-04S, P750-04X, P750-05F, P750-05S, P750-010, P750-10E, P750-10F, P750-12U, P750-12R, P750-12T, P750-13I, P750-13N, P750-14I, P750-15D, P750-15F, P750-15I, P750-16V, P750-080, P750-111, P750-113, P750-114, P750-115, P750-119, P750-135, P750-137, P750-140, P750-141, P750-142, P750-144, P750-A069, P750-A075, P750-BT4G22, P750-BT4N22, P750-ST4N01, P750-ST4N02, P750-ST4NX1, P750-ST4NX2, P750-ST6N01, P750-ST6N02, P750-ST6GX2, P750-X5010, P750-X5310, PSAY3A
Toshiba Satellite P750D Series P750D-, P750D-BT4N22
Toshiba Satellite P755 Series P755-, P755-10x, P755-10C, P755-10D, P755-10F, P755-10G, P755-10K, P755-10J, P755-10M, P755-10N, P755-11x, P755-11C, P755-11D, P755-11G, P755-11N, P755-11Q, P755-12x, P755-12E, P755-12G, P755-12F, P755-12L, P755-12M, P755-12N, P755-113, P755-3DV20, P755-Sx, P755-S5120, P755-S5174, P755-S5180, P755-S5182, P755-S5184, P755-S5194, P755-S5196, P755-S5198, P755-S5215, P755-S5259, P755-S5261, P755-S5265, P755-S5269, P755-S5270, P755-S5272, P755-S5274, P755-S5320, P755-S5380, P755-S5381, P755-S5382, P755-S5383, P755-S5385, P755-S5387, P755-S5390, P755-S5391, P755-S5392, P755-S5393, P755-S5394, P755-S5395, P755-S5396, P755-S5398, P755-S7100, P755-S7215, P755-S7320
Toshiba Satellite P755D Series P755D-x, P755D-03Q, P755D-S5172, P755D-S5266, P755D-S5378, P755D-S5379, P755D-S5384, P755D-S7144, P755D-S7304, P755D-S5360, P755D-S7370
Toshiba Satellite P775 Series P775-, P775-10x, P775-10G, P775-10J, P775-10K, P775-10L, P775-10R, P775-10T, P775-10W, P775-100, P775-110, P775-112, P775-S5120, P775-S5269, P775-S5320, P775-S5390, P775-S7100, P775-S7148, P775-S7160, P775-S7164, P775-S7215, P775-S7232, P775-S7234, P775-S7236, P775-S7320, P775-S7365, P775-S7368, P775-S7370, P775-S7372, P775-S7375
Toshiba Satellite P775D Series P775D-, P775D-S5172, P775D-S5266, P775D-S5378, P775D-S7144, P775D-S7230, P775D-S7302, P775D-S7360

Toshiba Satellite A500 Series A500-, A500-01X, A500-1GM, A500-13C, A500-13F, A500-13M, A500-132, A500-134, A500-136, A500-137, A500-138, A500-17X, A500-02F, A500-ST5601, A500-ST5602, A500-ST5605, A500-ST5606, A500-ST5607, A500-ST5608, A500-ST56EX, A500-ST56X3, A500-ST56X4, A500-ST56X6, A500-ST56X7, A500-ST6621, A500-ST6622, A500-ST6644, A500-ST6647, PSAM3A-03P00E, PSAM3A-04200E, PSAM3A-04000E, PSAR3A-01K002, PSAR3A-026002, PSAR3A-02U002, PSAR3A-00R002, PSAM3A-03N00E, PSAM3A-03Q00E, PSAM3A-03S00E, PSAM3A-03T00E, PSAM3A-04100E, PSAR9A-02J001, PSAR3A-01M002, PSAR3A-02U002, PSAR9A-02S001, PSAR9A-031001, PSAR9A-01H001, PSAR0A-019010, PSAR9A-02L001
Toshiba Satellite A500D Series A500D-x, A500D-10H, A500D-10J, A500D-13C, A500D-132, A500D-134, A500D-138
Toshiba Satellite A665 Series A665-x, A665-3DV, A665-3DV8, A665-3DV11X, A665-3DV12X, A665-S5170, A665-S5173, A665-S5176, A665-S5176X, A665-S5177, A665-S5177X, A665-S5179, A665-S5182, A665-S5182X, A665-S5183, A665-S5183X, A665-S5184, A665-S5184X, A665-S5186, A665-S5186X, A665-S5187, A665-S5187X, A665-S5199, A665-S5199X, A665-S6050, A665-S6054, A665-S6055, A665-S6056, A665-S6057, A665-S6058, A665-S6065, A665-S6067, A665-S6070, A665-S6079, A665-S6080, A665-S6081, A665-S6084, A665-S6085, A665-S6086, A665-S6087, A665-S6088, A665-S6089, A665-S6090, A665-S6092, A665-S6093, A665-S6094, A665-S6095, A665-S6097, A665-S6098, A665-S6100
Toshiba Satellite L445 Series L445-x, L445-S5975
Toshiba Satellite L445D Series L445D-x, L455D-S5976
Toshiba Satellite L450 Series L450-x, L450-01K, L450-01M, L450-02N, L450-02P, L450-02T, L450-03D, L450-10Z, L450-11G, L450-11H, L450-12W, L450-12X, L450-13M, L450-13Q, L450-136, L450-137, L450-14F, L450-14M, L450-14V, L450-14X, L450-15K, L450-16K, L450-16Q, L450-17R, L450-171, L450-172, L450-179, L450-18D, L450-18H, L450-181, L450-188, L450-19P, L450-19V, L450-19X, L450-EZ1510, L450-EZ1543
Toshiba Satellite L455 Series L455-x, L455-S1591, L455-S1592, L455-S5000, L455-S5008, L455-S5009, L455-S5045, L455-S5046, L455-S5975, L455-S5980, L455-S5981, L455-S5989, L455-SC2085, L455-SP2901A, L455-SP2901C, L455-SP2901R, L455-SP2902A, L455-SP2902C, L455-SP2902R, L455-SP2903A, L455-SP2903C, L455-SP2903R, L455-SP2922A, L455-SP2922C, L455-SP2922R, L455-SP2925A, L455-SP2925C, L455-SP2925R, L455-SP5011L, L455-SP5011M, L455-SP5014L, L455-SP5014M, L455-SP5015L, L455-SP5015M, L455-SP5017
Toshiba Satellite L455D Series L455D-x, L455D-SP5012L, L455D-SP5012M, L455D-SP5976
Toshiba Satellite L550 Series L550-x, L550-00P, L550-113, L550-207, L550-EZ1702, L550-EZ1703, L550-ST2721, L550-ST5701, L550-ST5702, PSLN0C-00P008, PSLN8A-00Y008, PSLW8A-01101F, PSLWSA-01000Q
Toshiba Satellite L555 Series L555-x, L555-S7001, L555-S7002, L555-S7008, L555-S7010, L555-S7916, L555-S7918, L555-S7929, L555-S7945
Toshiba Satellite L555D Series L555D-x, L555D-S7005, L555D-S7006, L555D-S7909, L555D-S7910, L555D-S7912, L555D-S7930, L555D-S7932
Toshiba Satellite L640 Series L640-x, L640-00U, L640-02V, L640-0CS, L640-BT2N13, L640-BT2N15, L640-BT2N22, L640-I4010, L640-I4012, L640-ST2N01, L640-X4310, L640-X431A
Toshiba Satellite L640D Series L640D-x, L640D-ST2N01, L640D-ST2N02, L640D-ST2N03
Toshiba Satellite L645 Series L645-x, L645-S4026, L645-S4026BN, L645-S4026GY, L645-S4026RD, L645-S4026WH, L645-S4032, L645-S4038, L645-S4055, L645-S4059, L645-S4060
Toshiba Satellite L645D Series L645D-x, L645D-S4025, L645D-S4029, L645D-S4030, L645D-S4036, L645D-S4037, L645D-S4037BN, L645D-S4037RD, L645D-S4037WH, L645D-S4040, L645D-S4050, L645D-S4050BN, L645D-S4050GY, L645D-S4050RD, L645D-S4050WH, L645D-S4052, L645D-S4053, L645D-S4058, L645D-S4058BN, L645D-S4058RD, L645D-S4058WH
Toshiba Satellite L650 Series L650-x, L650-10G, L650-11F, L650-12Q, L650-1MC, L650-1MV, L650-BT2N15, L650-BT2N22, L650-BT2N23, L650-ST2G01, L650-ST2GNX1, L650-ST3N01X, L650-ST3N02X, L650-ST3NX1
Toshiba Satellite L650D Series L650D, L650D-02M, L650D-02P, L650D-04W, L650D-03J, L650D-111, L650D-11C, L650D-11D, L650D-11R, L650D-173, L650D-ST2N01
Toshiba Satellite L655 Series L655-x, L655-S5055, L655-S5058, L655-S5059, L655-S5060, L655-S5061, L655-S5062, L655-S5065, L655-S5071, L655-S5072, L655-S5075, L655-S5078, L655-S5083, L655-S5096, L655-s5097, L655-S5101, L655-S5112, L655-S5114, L655-S5115, L655-S5117, L655-S5123, L655-S5128, L655-S5132, L655-S5144, L655-S5146, L655-S5147, L655-S5149, L655-S5150, L655-S5155, L655-S5156, L655-S5158, L655-S5160, L655-S5161, L655-S5161x, L655-S5163, L655-S5165, L655-S5168, L655-S5188, L655-S5191, L655-S5198, L655-S5212, L655D-S9511D
Toshiba Satellite L655D Series L655D-x, L655D-S5050, L655D-S5055, L655D-S5066, L655D-S5067, L655D-S5076, L655D-S5093, L655D-S5094, L655D-S5095 L655D-S5109, L655D-S5110BN, L655D-S5110WH, L655D-S5116, L655D-S5145, L655D-S5151, L655D-S5159, L655D-S5159RD, L655D-S5159WH, L655D-S5164, L655D-S5164RD, L655D-S5164WH, L655D-S5198, L655D-S6051
Toshiba Satellite L740 Series L740-x, L740-BT4N11, L740-BT4N22, L740-SP4143, L740-SP4148, L740-ST4N02, L740-ST5N02, L740-ST6N01, L740-P4010, L740-P4210, L740-X4010, L740-X4210, L740-X4211
Toshiba Satellite L740D Series L740D-x, L740D-00G, L740D-1172U, L740D-1218U, L740D-1219UT
Toshiba Satellite L745 Series L745-, L745-105X, L745-116U, L745-Sx, L745-S4110, L745-S4126, L745-S4130, L745-S4210, L745-S4220, L745-S4235, L745-S4310, L745-S4320, L745-S4350, L745-S4355, L745-S9423RD, L745-SPx, L745-SP4141CL, L745-SP4146CL, L745-SP4147CL, L745-SP4149, L745-SP4201, L745-SP4251, L745-SP4255, L745-SP4256, L745-SP4260, L745-SP4281KM, L745-SP4288KM
Toshiba Satellite L745D Series L745D-, L745D-Sx, L745D-S4220, L745D-S4230, L745D-S4350, L745D-SPx, L745D-SP4172KM, L745D-SP4172RM, L745D-SP4172VM, L745D-SP4282RM, L745D-SP4285KM, L745D-SP4286KM
Toshiba Satellite L750 Series L750-, L750-1E5, L750-1GN, L750-1ME, L750-1MG, L750-1MK, L750-1J1, L750-1PW, L750-1NJ, L750-1RC, L750-1XH, L750-1XT, L750-10E, L750-10F, L750-11W, L750-12M, L750-12Q, L750-14F, L750-14G, L750-14R, L750-16I, L750-16X, L750-16Z, L750-17P, L750-17R, L750-18R, L750-19C, L750-19K, L750-20D, L750-20U, L750-21N, L750-22X, L750-22Z, L750-109, L750-114, L750-136, L750-170, L750-171, L750-176, L750-194, L750-199, L750-201, L750-220, L750-221, L750-226, L750-227, L750-A, L750-A008, L750-A009, L750-A010, L750-A057, L750-A070, L750-A077, L750-A096, L750-A097, L750-A098, L750-A099, L750-A100, L750-A101, L750-A102, L750-A103, L750-A104, L750-A105, L750-A106, L750-A107, L750-A109, L750-A110, L750-A114, L750-A115, L750-A116, L750-A136, L750-A137, L750-A138, L750-A209, L750-A210, L750-A211, L750-A218, L750-I, L750-I5010, L750-I5011, L750-P, L750-P4210, L750-P5210, L750-x, L750-X351B, L750-X4210, L750-X5318, L750-Y, L750-Y3510
Toshiba Satellite L750D Series L750D-, L750D-017, L750D-019, L750D-038, L750D-1C1, L750D-1C2, L750D-1C7, L750D-1CC, L750D-1CP, L750D-1ED, L750D-1EX, L750D-1GC, L750D-10J, L750D-10X, L750D-12K, L750D-12W, L750D-13V, L750D-14R, L750D-15E, L750D-15J, L750D-15Z, L750D-16K, L750D-16N, L750D-17M, L750D-17Q, L750D-18F, L750D-18G, L750D-18J, L750D-19C, L750D-19K, L750D-21T, L750D-103, L750D-112, L750D-121, L750D-123, L750D-124, L750D-125, L750D-129, L750D-157, L750D-158, L750D-159, L750D-169, L750D-170, L750D-178, L750D-179, L750D-194, L750D-199, L750D-STx, L750D-ST4N01, L750D-ST5NX1, L750D-ST6NX1, PSK08A, PSK2YV
Toshiba Satellite L755 Series L755-x, L755-06N, L755-1C0, L755-1C1, L755-1C6, L755-1CD, L755-1CF, L755-1CG, L755-1CJ, L755-1DR, L755-1EP, L755-1GH, L755-1GJ, L755-1HW, L755-1HX, L755-1KU, L755-1J2, L755-1J5, L755-1JG, L755-1JH, L755-1LE, L755-1LF, L755-1LM, L755-1LZ, L755-1M0, L755-1MU, L755-1N6, L755-1NM, L755-1OU, L755-10C, L755-10D, L755-10G, L755-10J, L755-10K, L755-10Q, L755-11H, L755-11J, L755-11K, L755-11M, L755-11N, L755-11P, L755-11U, L755-11X, L755-12D, L755-12F, L755-12G, L755-12H, L755-12L, L755-12P, L755-13E, L755-13F, L755-13G, L755-13H, L755-13K, L755-13N, L755-13R, L755-13T, L755-13U, L755-13X, L755-13W, L755-14D, L755-14E, L755-14F, L755-14G, L755-14H, L755-14K, L755-14L, L755-14N, L755-14P, L755-14U, L755-14V, L755-14W, L755-14Z, L755-15K, L755-15N, L755-15R, L755-15T, L755-15Q, L755-15U, L755-15W, L755-15X, L755-167, L755-167, L755-168, L755-169, L755-16C, L755-16H, L755-16J, L755-16K, L755-16L, L755-16M, L755-16P, L755-16Q, L755-16U, L755-16R, L755-16T, L755-16V, L755-16W, L755-16X, L755-16Z, L755-17C, L755-17Q, L755-17R, L755-17U, L755-17V, L755-17W, L755-18E, L755-18K, L755-18N, L755-18P, L755-18Q, L755-18T, L755-18X, L755-18Z, L755-19C, L755-19D, L755-19E, L755-19F, L755-19G, L755-19H, L755-19J, L755-19K, L755-19X, L755-21T, L755-115, L755-128, L755-144, L755-154, L755-167, L755-169, L755-183, L755-187, L755-Sx, L755-S1M2, L755-S216, L755-S255, L755-S256, L755-S542, L755-S511, L755-S1204, L755-S2516, L755-S3210, L755-S3220, L755-S3270, L755-S4310, L755-S5103, L755-S5107, L755-S5110, L755-S5112, L755-S5130, L755-S5151, L755-S5153, L755-S5154, L755-S5157, L755-S5158, L755-S5166, L755-S5167, L755-S5168, L755-S5170, L755-S5173, L755-S5175, L755-S5204, L755-S5213, L755-S5214, L755-S5215, L755-S5216, L755-S5217, L755-S5218, L755-S5241, L755-S5242, L755-S5243, L755-S5244, L755-S5245, L755-S5246, L755-S5248, L755-S5250, L755-S5251, L755-S5252, L755-S5253, L755-S5254, L755-S5255, L755-S5256, L755-S5257, L755-S5258, L755-S5271, L755-S5272, L755-S5274, L755-S5275, L755-S5276, L755-S5277, L755-S5278, L755-S5279, L755-S5280, L755-S5281, L755-S5282, L755-S5306, L755-S5308, L755-S5311, L755-S5320, L755-S5336, L755-S5340, L755-S5349, L755-S5350, L755-S5351, L755-S5353, L755-S5354, L755-S5355, L755-S5356, L755-S5357, L755-S5358, L755-S5359, L755-S5360, L755-S5361, L755-S5362, L755-S5363, L755-S5364, L755-S5365, L755-S5366, L755-S5368, L755-S5390, L755-S7102, L755-S7105, L755-S7107, L755-S7108, L755-S7111, L755-S7114, L755-S7130, L755-S7132, L755-S7135, L755-S7220, L755-S7222, L755-S7226, L755-S7240, L755-S7243, L755-S7245, L755-S7248, L755-S7307, L755-S7309, L755-S7340, L755-S7350, L755-S7352, L755-S7355, L755-S9510BN, L755-S9510D, L755-S9510RD, L755-S9511BN, L755-S9511D, L755-S9511RD, L755-S9512BN, L755-S9512D, L755-S9512RD, L755-S9512WH, L755-S9513BN, L755-S9513RD, L755-S9520D, L755-S9530D, L755-S9530WH, L755-S9531RD, L755-S9532RD, L755-SPx, L755-SP5101CL, L755-SP5102CL, L755-SP5167CM, L755-SP5168CM, L755-SP5169LM, L755-SP5174RM, L755-SP5175LM, L755-SP5203CL, L755-SP5204CL, L755-SP5279LM, L755-SP5280LM, L755-SP5281LM, L755-SP5291RM, L755-SP5292CM, L755-SPSRS2M, PSK1WC, PSK1WU, PSK2YE
Toshiba Satellite L755D Series L755D-x, L755D-10J, L755D-10U, L755D-11J, L755D-10W, L755D-10X, L755D-12I, L755D-13C, L755D-13G, L755D-13J, L755D-13V, L755D-14D, L755D-14I, L755D-14M, L755D-14U, L755D-15R, L755D-21J, L755D-21Q, L755D-21T, L755D-111, L755D-128, L755D-148, L755D-1034XT, L755D-Sx, L755D-S5104, L755D-S5106, L755D-S5109, L755D-S5128, L755D-S5130, L755D-S5150, L755D-S5160, L755D-S5162, L755D-S5163, L755D-S5164, L755D-S5171, L755D-S5172, L755D-S5204, L755D-S5218, L755D-S5227, L755D-S5241, L755D-S5242, L755D-S5250, L755D-S5251, L755D-S5279, L755D-S5347, L755D-S5348, L755D-S5359, L755D-S5361, L755D-S5363, L755D-S7107, L755D-S7108, L755D-S7112, L755D-S7206, L755D-S7220, L755D-S7226, L755D-S7304, L755D-S7305, L755D-S7330, L755D-S7332, L755D-S7340
Toshiba Satellite T135 Series T135-S1300, T135-S1300RD, T135-S1300WH, T135-S1305, T135-S1305RD, T135-S1305WH, T135-S1307, T135-S1309, T135-S1310, T135-S1310RD, T135-S1310WH, T135-S1312, T135-S1330
Toshiba Satellite T135D Series T135D-S1320, T135D-S1322, T135D-S1325, T135D-S1325RD, T135D-S1325WH, T135D-S1326, T135D-S1327, T135D-S1328, T135D-S1328RD, T135D-S1328WH
Toshiba Portege R700 Series R700-S1310, R700-S1311, R700-S1312, R700-S1320, R700-S1321, R700-S1322, R700-S1330, R700-1331, R700-S1332, PT310A-0LK011, PT310A-07D011
Toshiba Portege R705 Series R705-P25, R705-P35, R705-P40, R705-P41, R705-P42, R705-ST2N03, R705-ST2N04
Toshiba Netbook Mini NB205 Series NB205-N310/BN, NB205-N311/W, NB205-N312/BL, NB205-N313/P, NB205-N323BN, NB205-N324BL, NB205-N324WH, NB205-N325BL, NB205-N325BN, NB205-N325PK, NB205-N325WH, NB205-N330BL, NB205-N330BN, NB205-N330PK, NB205-N330WH
Toshiba Netbook Mini NB305 Series NB305-N410, NB305-N410BL, NB305-N410BN, NB305-N410WH, NB305-N411BL, NB305-N411BN, NB305-N413BH, NB305-N415BL
Toshiba Satellite A80 Series A80-S178TD: PSA82U-00R003, PSA82U-00R003B, PSA82U-00R004, PSA82U-00R004B, PSA82U-00R004Z, PSA82U-02S01J
Toshiba Satellite A85 Series A85-S107, A85-S1071, A85-S1072
Toshiba Satellite A135 Series A135-S2246, A135-S2256, A135-S2266, A135-S2276, A135-S2286, A135-S2296, A135-S2306, A135-S2326, A135-S2336, A135-S2346, A135-S2356, A135-S2376, A135-S2386(PSAD6U-01D00D), A135-S2396, A135-S2426, A135-S4407, A135-S4417, A135-S4427, A135-S4437, A135-S4447, A135-S4457, A135-S4467, A135-S4477, A135-S4478, A135-S4487, A135-S4488, A135-S4498, A135-S4499, A135-S4517, A135-S4527, A135-S4637, A135-S4656, A135-S4666, A135-S4677, A135-S4727, A135-S4827, A135-S7403, A135-S7404, A135-S7406, A135-SP5820
Toshiba Satellite A505 Series A505-S6005, A505-S6012, A505-S6015, A505-S6025, A505-S6033, A505-S6960, A505-S6965, A505-S6980
Toshiba Satellite C655 Series C655-S4514, C655-S5047, C655-S5049, C655-S5061, C655-S5068, C655-S5082, C655-S5092, C655-S5113, C655-S5118, C655-S5119, C655-S5128, C655-S5129, C655-S5132, C655-S5137, C655-S5140, C655-S5141, C655-S5142, C655-S5212, C655-S5225, C655-S5229, C655-S5414, C655-S5501, C655-S5503, C655-S5504, C655-S5505, C655-S5507, C655-S5509, C655-S5511, C655-S5512, C655-S5514, C655-S5515, C655-S5518, C655-S5524, C655-S5531, C655-S5533, C655-S5535, C655-S5540, C655-S5541, C655-S5542, C655-S5543, C655-S5547, C655-S5549, C655-S5614
Toshiba Satellite C655D Series C655D-SP4131L, C655D-SP4151M, C655D-S5041, C655D-S5048, C655D-S5084, C655D-S5086, C655D-S5088, C655D-S5130, C655D-S5200, C655D-S5202, C655D-S5209, C655D-S5210, C655D-S5226, C655D-S5228, C655D-S5230, C655D-S5232, C655D-S5233, C655D-S5234, C655D-S5236, C655D-S5300, C655D-S5540, C655D-S9511D
Toshiba Satellite E105 Series E105-S1402, E105-S1602, E105-S1802
Toshiba Satellite L35 Series L35, L35-S1054, L35-S2151, L35-S2161, L35-S2171, L35-S2174, L35-S2194, L35-S2206, L35-S2316, L35-S2366, L35-SP1011
Toshiba Satellite L300 Series L300-EZ1004V, L300-EZ1004X, L300-EZ1005V, L300-EZ1005X, L300-EZ1501, L300-EZ1502, L300-SP5801, L300-SP5803, L300-SP5809A, L300-SP5809C, L300-SP5809R, L300-SP5917A, L300-SP5917C, L300-SP5917R, L300-SP6919A, L300-SP6919C, L300-SP6919R, L300-ST2501, L300-ST3502
Toshiba Satellite L300D Series L300D-EZ1001V, L300D-EZ1002V, L300D-EZ1002X, L300D-EZ1003V, L300D-EZ1003X, L300D-EZ1006V, L300D-SP5801, L300D-SP5802, L300D-SP5804, L300D-SP5808A, L300D-SP5808C, L300D-SP5808R, L300D-SP6916A, L300D-SP6916C, L300D-SP6916R, L300D-ST3501, L300D-ST3501
Toshiba Satellite L305 Series L305-S5865, L305-S5875, L305-S5876, L305-S5877, L305-S5883, L305-S5884, L305-S5885, L305-S5888, L305-S5891, L305-S5894, L305-S5896, L305-S5899, L305-S5901, L305-S5902, L305-S5903, L305-S5905, L305-S5907, L305-S59071, L305-S5908, L305-S5909, L305-S5911, L305-S5912, L305-S5915, L305-S5917, L305-S5918, L305-S5919, L305-S5920, L305-S5921, L305-S5924, L305-S5926, L305-S5931, L305-S5933, L305-S5937, L305-S5939, L305-S5942, L305-S5955 (PSLB8U-13T038), L305-S5957, L305-SP5806, L305-SP6807, L305-SP6912, L305-SP6914
Toshiba Satellite L305D Series L305D-S5868, LS305D-S5869, L305D-S5870, L305D-S5873, L305D-S5874, L305D-S5881, L305D-S5882, L305D-S58821, L305D-S5889, L305D-S5890, L305D-S5892, L305D-S5893, L305D-S5897, L305D-S5900, L305D-S5914, L305D-S5922, L305D-S59222, L305D-S5923, L305D-S5925, L305D-S5927, L305D-S5928, L305D-S5930, L305D-S5932, L305D-S5934, L305D-S5935, L305D-S5938, L305D-S5940, L305D-SP6805, L305D-SP5810, L305D-SP6913
Toshiba Satellite L350 Series L350-14F, L350-170, L350-S1001V, L350-ST2121, L350-ST2701, L350-ST3701, L350-ST3702(PSLD8U), L350-141 (PSLD0E)
Toshiba Satellite L355 Series L355-S7831, L355-S7835, L355-S7902, L355-S7905, L355-S7915
Toshiba Satellite L355D Series L355D-S7809, L355D-S7810, L355D-S7813, L355D-S7815, L355D-S7819, L355D-S7820, L355D-S7825, L355D-S7901
Toshiba Satellite L500 Series L500-
Toshiba Satellite L505 Series L505-ES5025, L505-GS5035, L505-S5964, L505-S5966, L505-S5967, L505-S5969, L505-S5971, L505-S5982, L505-S5984, L505-S5988, L505-S5990, L505-S5993, L505-S5995, L505-S5997, L505-S5998, L505-S5999, L505-S6946, L505-S6951, L505-S6953, L505-S6954, L505-S6955, L505-S6956, L505-S6959, L505-S6962, L505-ES5018, L505-SP6906A, L505-SP6906C, L505-SP6906R, L505-SP6934R, L505-SP6984A, L505-SP6984C, L505-SP6984R, L505-SP6985C, L505-SP6997R, L505-SP6998R
Toshiba Satellite L505D Series L505D-GS6000, L505D-S5963, L505D-S5965, L505D-S5983, L505D-S5985, L505D-S5986, L505D-S5987, L505D-S5992, L505D-S5994, L505D-S5996, L505D-S6947, L505D-S6948, L505D-S6952, L505D-S6957, L505D-SP6983R
Toshiba Satellite L510 Series L510-
Toshiba Satellite L515 Series L515-S4925, L515-S4928, L515-S4960, L515-S4962, L515-SP4904, L515-SP4908, L515-SP4926, L515-SP4929, L515-SP4943
Toshiba Satellite P500 Series P500-ST5801, P500-ST5806, P500-ST5807, P500-ST6821, P500-ST6822, P500-ST6844
Toshiba Satellite P500D Series P500D-ST5805 (PSPHJU-009002B)
Toshiba Satellite P505 Series P505-S8002, P505-S8010, P505-S8011, P505-S8940, P505-S8941, P505-S8945, P505-S8946, P505-S8950, P505-S8970, P505-S8971, P505-S8980, P505-ST5800
Toshiba Satellite P505D Series P505D-S8000, P505D-S8005, P505D-S8007, P505D-S8930, P505D-S8934, P505D-S8935, P505D-S8960
Toshiba Qosmio X500 Series X500-03L, X500-10V, X500-11M, X500-13R, X500-14H, X500-014 (PQX33C-01400N), X500-067, X500-101, X500-110, X500-167, X500-BD833, X500-D831, X500-D832, X500-S1801, X500-S1811, X500-S1812, X500-S1812X, X500-TZ1V, X500-Q840S, X500-Q895S, X500-Q900S, X500-Q930X, X500-Q930XB
Toshiba Qosmio X505 Series X505-Q8100X, X505-Q8102X, X505-Q830, X505-Q832, X505-Q840, X505-Q841, X505-Q842, X505-Q843, X505-Q850, X505-Q860, X505-Q862, X505-Q865, X505-Q870, X505-Q875, X505-Q879, X505-Q880, X505-Q885

Toshiba Portege M900 Signature Series M900, M900-x, M900-D3212, M900-D335T, M900-D336T, M900-D337T, M900-S3314, M900-S3315, M900-S337, PSU9FL-007006, PSU9RL-002002, PSU9RL-003002
Toshiba Satellite C670 C670D Series C670, C670-, C670-00V, C670-006, C670-01D, C670-015, C670-024, C670-03F, C670-03G, C670-10P, C670-11W, C670-12E, C670-12U, C670-12P, C670-12X, C670-13G, C670-13H, C670-13Q, C670-14N, C670-14P, C670-15F, C670-15W, C670-15Z, C670-16K, C670-17L, C670-17C, C670-17D, C670-104, C670-105, C670-106, C670-108, C670-109, C670-110, C670-111, C670-112, C670-113, C670-114, C670-115, C670-120, C670-121, C670-122, C670-123, C670-124, C670-125, C670-126, C670-127, C670-128, C670-129, C670-130, C670-131, C670-132, C670-133, C670-134, C670-135, C670-137, C670-145, C670-149, C670-150, C670-152, C670-153, C670-154, C670-162, C670-163, C670-165, C670-167, C670-169, C670-172, C670-173, C670-174, C670-176, C670-178, C670-181, C670-183, C670-184, C670-185, C670-186, C670-188, C670-189, C670-198, C670-199, C670D, C670D-, C670D-00U, C670D-01D, C670D-01P, C670D-10F, C670D-10M, C670D-10W, C670D-11G, C670D-11K, C670D-11R, C670D-12N, C670D-12Z, C670D-13K, C670D-15, C670D-15W, C670D-16T, C670D-108, C670D-110, C670D-111, C670D-112, C670D-114, C670D-115, C670D-120, C670D-121, C670D-122, C670D-123, C670D-125, C670D-126, C670D-134, C670D-135, C670D-199
Toshiba Satellite C675 C675D Series C675, C675-Sx, C675-S7101, C675-S7103, C675-S7104, C675-S7105, C675-S7106, C675-S7108, C675-S7109, C675-S7133, C675-S7200, C675-S7212, C675-S7308, C675-S7318, C675-S7321, C675-S7322, C675-S7325, C675-S7328, C675D, C675D-Sx, C675D-S7101, C675D-S7103, C675D-S7104, C675D-S7106, C675D-S7109, C675D-S7200, C675D-S7212, C675D-S7310, C675D-S7325, C675D-S7328
Toshiba Satellite L775 L775D Series L775, L775-, L775-11, L775-12, L775-13, L775-14, L775-15, L775-16, L775-17, L775-18, L775-19, L775-S7105, L775-119, L775-124, L775-125, L775-127, L775-161, L775-166, L775-194, L775-196, L775-197, L775-S5153, L775-S5161, L775-S5170, L775-S5214, L775-S5216, L775-S5217, L775-S5242, L775-S5244, L775-S5246, L775-S5255, L775-S5256, L775-S5271, L775-S5349, L775-S5360, L775-S7102, L775-S7105, L775-S7111, L775-S7114, L775-S7130, L775-S7135, L775-S7140, L775-S7206, L775-S7240, L775-S7241, L775-S7245, L775-S7248, L775-S7250, L775-S7307, L775-S7309, L775-S7340, L775-S7350, L775-S7352, L775-S7355, L775D, L775D-, L775D-10, L775D-11, L775D-13, L775D-14, L775D-106, L775D-107, L775D-111, L775D-112, L775D-128, L775D-146, L775D-148, L775D-S7206, 775D-S7220, L775D-S7222, L775D-S7223, L775D-S7226, L775D-S7228, L775D-S7330, L775D-S7332, L775D-S7340, PSK3SU, PSK40U, PSK40C, Harness part number, H000030890, H000030900
Toshiba Satellite M500 M500D Series M500, M500-STx, M500-ST54E2, M500-ST54X1, M500D, M500D-, PSMKCA-009007, PSMLY-14HD2CSV
Toshiba Satellite M505 M505D Series M505, M505-x, M505-S1401, M505-S4020, M505-S4022, M505-S4940, M505-S4945, M505-S4947, M505-S4972, M505-S4975, M505-S4980, M505-S4982, M505-S4985, M505-S4990, M505-S4991, M505D, M505D-, M505D-S70, M505D-S80, M505D-S4000, M505D-S4930, M505D-S4970, PSMLYU-00D002
Toshiba Satellite P775 P775D Series P775, P775-, P775-S7100, P775-S7100B, P775-S7144, P775-S7148, P775-S7160, P775-S7164, P775-S7165, P775-S7185, P775-S7215, P775-S7215, P775-S7230, P775-S7232, P775-S7234, P775-S7236, P775-S7238, P775-S7248P, P775-S7302, P775-S7320, P775-S7355, P775-S7360, P775-S7365, P775-S7368, P775-S7370, P775-S7372, P775-S7373, P775-S7375, P775-S7215, P775D, P775D-, P775D-S4360, P775D-S5172, P775D-S5266, P775D-S5378, P775D-S7144, P775D-S7160, P775D-S7164, P775D-S7230, P775D-S7302, P775D-S7302B, P775D-S7320, P775D-S7330, P775D-S7340, P775D-S7360
Toshiba Satellite U500 U500D Series U500, U500-x, U500-1DZ, U500-11C, U500-11D, U500-11E, U500-11F, U500-11G, U500-12C, U500-12D, U500-12E, U500-12G, U500-12J, U500-17D, U500-17E, U500-17F, U500-17T, U500-17V, U500-17X, U500-18E, U500-18F, U500-18K, U500-18J, U500-18L, U500-18N, U500-18T, U500-18Q, U500-18U, U500-18V, U500-1DV, U500-1F0, U500-1G0, U500-1G8, U500-20K, U500D, U500D-x
Toshiba Satellite U505 U505D Series U505, U505-, U505-16, U505-S2002, U505-S2005, U505-S2006, U505-S2008, U505-S2010, U505-S2012, U505-S2930, U505-S2940, U505-S2950, U505-S2960, U505-S2970, U505-S2975, U505D, U505D-
Toshiba Satellite P205 Series P205, P205-, P205-S6237, P205-S6247, P205-S6257, P205-S6267, P205-S6277, P205-S6287, P205-S6297, P205-S6298, P205-S6307, P205-S6337, P205-S6347, P205-S6348, P205-S7469, P205-S7476, P205D, P205D-, P205D-S7429, P205D-S7438, P205D-S7439, P205D-S7454, P205D-S7479

Toshiba Satellite M20 Series: (PSM20U), M20-S257, M20-S258, M20-S610
Toshiba Satellite P10 Series: (PSP10U), P10-104, P10-133, P10-154, P10-204, P10-231, P10-251, P10-261, P10-304, P10-371, P10-504, P10-554, P10-S429, P10-S4291
Toshiba Satellite P15 Series: (PSP10U), P15-S409, P15-S4091, P15-S420, P15-S4201, P15-S470, P15-S479
Toshiba Satellite P20 Series: (PSP20U), P20-101, P20-102, P20-103, P20-104, P20-107, P20-108, P20-134, P20-204, P20-221, P20-304, P20-311, P20-404, P20-504, P20-521, P20-531, P20-541, P20-552, P20-604, P20-761, P20-771, P20-801, P20-832, P20-842, P20-852, P20-932, P20-962, P20-973, P20-992, P20-S103, P20-S203, P20-S203F, P20-S303, P20-S304, P20-S404
Toshiba Satellite P25 Series: (PSP20U), P25-S477, P25-S487, P25-S507, P25-S508, P25-S509, P25-S5091, P25-S5092, P25-S520, P25-S526, P25-S5262, P25-S607, P25-S609
(PSP26U), P25-S670, P25-S676, P25-S6761

Toshiba Satellite A35 Series (PSA30U), A35-1593, A35-s159, A35-s1592, A35-s209, A35-s2091
Toshiba Satellite A60 Series: (PSA60U), A60-102, A60-106, A60-116, A60-120, A60-129, A60-140, A60-145, A60-154, A60-174, A60-185, A60-202, A60-212, A60-218, A60-219, A60-302, A60-332, A60-632, A60-652, A60-662, A60-672, A60-742, A60-743, A60-752, A60-772, A60-CJW, A60-CJWF, A60-JL1, A60-S1072, A60-S1173, A60-S156, A60-S1561, A60-S159, A60-S1591, A60-S1591ST, A60-S1592ST, A60-S166, A60-S1661, A60-S1662, A60-S1691STA60-SP126, A60-SP159, A60-WM1, A60-WM1F
Toshiba Satellite A65 Series: (PSA60U), A65-S1062, A65-S1063, A65-S1064, A65-S1065, A65-S1066, A65-S1067, A65-S1068, A65-S1069, A65-S1070, A65-S109, A65-S1091, A65-S126, A65-S1261, A65-S136, A65-S1361, A65-S1362, A65-S1607, A65-S1662, A65-S1762
Toshiba Satellite P30 Series: (PSP30U), P30-110, P30-119, P30-133, P30-141, P30-144, P30-145, P30-149, P30-S6362ST, P30-S6363ST, P30-S701TD
Toshiba Satellite P35 Series: (PSA30U), P35-S605, P35-S6051, P35-S6052, P35-S6053, P35-S609, P35-S6091, P35-S611, P35-S6111, P35-S6112, P35-S629, P35-S6291, P35-S6292, P35-S631, P35-S6311, P35-S7012

Toshiba Libretto 50 and 70 Series

Toshiba Portege 300, 310 and 320 Series, 2000 Series, 7000CT, 7010CT, 7020CT, 7140CT, 7200CT

Toshiba Satellite 300CDS, 305CDS, 310CDs, 315CDS, 320CDS, 320CDT, 325CDS, 330CDS, 330CDT, 335CDS, 335CDT, 1200 SMALL BUSINESS, 1500, 1555, 1555CDS, 1800, 1800-S177, 1800-S202, 1800-S203, 1800-S204, 1800-S205, 1800-S206, 1800-S207, 1800-S253, 1800-S254, 1800-S256, 1800-S274, 1805, 1805-S154, 1805-S177, 1805-S203, 1805-S204, 1805-S207, 1805-S208, 1805-S253, 1805-S254, 1805-S255, 1805-S273, 1805-S274, 1805-S278, 2060, 2060CDS, 2060CDT, 2065, 2065CDS, 2065CDT, 2100, 2100CDS, 2100CDT, 2100CDX, 2105, 2105CDS, 2105CDT, 2115, 2115CDS, 2140, 2140CDT, 2140XCDS, 2180, 2180CDT, 2500, 2500CDS, 2500CDT, 2505, 2505CDS, 2505CDT, 2510, 2510CDS, 2510CDS/4, 2515, 2515CDS, 2515CDS/4, 2515CTS, 2520, 2520CDT, 2530, 2530CDS, 2530CDS/4, 2535, 2535CDS, 2535CDS/4, 2535CDT, 2540, 2540CDS, 2540CDS/4, 2540CDT, 2545, 2545CDS, 2545CDS/4, 2545CDT, 2545XCDT, 2545XCDT/4, 2590, 2590CDS, 2590CDS/4, 2590CDT, 2590XDVD, 2595, 2595CDS, 2595CDS/4, 2595CDT, 2595XDVD, 2600, 2610DVD, 2615, 2615DVD, 2655, 2655XDVD, 2675, 2675DVD, 2695, 2695DVD, 2700, 2710, 2710XDVD, 2715, 2715DVD, 2715XDVD, 2755, 2755DVD, 2755XDVD, 2770, 2770XDVD, 2775, 2775XDVD, 2800, 2800-S201, 2800-S202, 2800-S210, 2805, 2805-S201, 2805-S202, 2805-S301, 2805-S302, 2805-S401, 2805-S402, 2805-S503, 2805-S603, 2900 Series, 4000, 4000CDS, 4000CDS/4, 4000CDT, 4000SCDS/4, 4005, 4005CDS, 4005CDS/4, 4005CDT, 4010, 4010CDS, 4010CDS/4, 4010CDT, 4015, 4015CDS, 4015CDS/4, 4015CDT, 4020, 4020CDT, 4020CDT/6, 4025, 4025CDS, 4025CDT, 4025CDT/6, 4030, 4030CDS, 4030CDT, 4030CDT/4, 4035, 4035CDT, 4060, 4060CDT, 4060CDT/4, 4060XCDT, 4070, 4070CDS, 4070CDT, 4080, 4080CDT, 4080XCDT, 4080XCDT/6, 4085, 4085XCDT, 4090, 4090CDS, 4090XCDT, 4090XDVD, 4090XDVD/6, 4100, 4100XCDT, 4100XDVD, 4100XDVD/6, 4260, 4260DVD, 4280, 4280XDVD, 4280ZDVD, 4300, 4300ZDVD, 4320, 4320ZDVD, 4340, 4340ZDVD, 4360, 4360ZDVD, 4600 Series, 5000, 5005, 5005-S504, 5005-S507, 5005-S508, 5005-S607, 5005-S608, 5100, 5105, 5105-S501, 5105-S502, 5105-S607, 5105-S608, 5105-S701, 5105-S702, 5105-S901, 5105-S902, 5200, 5205, 5205-S119, 5205-S502, 5205-S503, 5205-S504, 5205-S505, 5205-S506, 5205-S515, 5205-S703, 5205-S704, 5205-S705, 5205-S5151, 5205-SP505

Toshiba Satelite M30/M35 Board Harness M30-S309, M30-S3091, M30-S350, M30-S3501, M30-SP309, M30-SP350, M35-S320, M35-S3201, M35-S359, M35-S3591, M35-S3592, M35-SP309, M35-SP350, M35-SP3501

Toshiba Satelite M20 Harness M20, M20-S257, M20-S258

Pro Pro 4280ZDVD, Pro 4280XDVD, Pro 4320, Pro 4340, Pro 4360, Pro 440CDT, Pro 440CDX, Pro 445CDX, Pro 460CDT, Pro 460CDX, Pro 465CDX, Pro 470CDT, Pro 480CDT, Pro 490CDT, Pro 490XCDT

Tecra 500CDT, 500CS, 510CDT, 520CDT, 530CDT, 550CDT, 730XCDT, 750CDT, 750DVD, 780CDM, 780DVD, 8000 (12.1” Active, Dual Scan, 13.3″‘ TFT), 8100 (13″, 14″ Display), 8200, 9000, 9100

Tecra Harness PE2100, TE2000, TE2100, TE2300
Toshiba Satellite 1000 Series 1000-S157 (PS100U-0012HLNC), 1000-S158, 1000-Z2
Toshiba Satellite 1005 Series 1005-S157 (PS100U-0012HNNC), 1005-S158
Toshiba Satellite 1200 Series 1200-S121 (PS120U-00DJX7), 1200-S122, 1200-S252
Toshiba Satellite 3000 Series 3000-100, 3000-214, 3000-400, 3000-504, 3000-514, 3000-601, 3000-A423, 3000-H200, 3000-Q65, 3000-S303, 3000-S304 (PS302U-00QZ37B), 3000-S307 (PS302U-019XD3B), 3000-S309, 3000-S353 (PS300U-03YKN2E), 3000-S403, 3000-S514, 3000-S601, 3000-X4, 3000-X11
Toshiba Satellite 3005 Series 3005-A423, 3005-H200, 3005-S303 (PS300U-03ENNHD), 3005-S304 (PS302U-00QZ3X), 3005-S307 (PS302U-019XDX), 3005-S308, 3005-S353, 3005-S403, 3005-S504

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