Asus laptop power jack repair

Asus  laptops are one of most common brand of laptops we get here for the laptop ac dc power jack repair – socket input port connector inlet replacement fix. Below are videos of the most common Asus laptops that we work on every day. We have experience working on every model of asus laptop. If you broke the power jack on asus laptop just pack it up and mail it our way. Once we receive it the laptop will be out of here within 24 hours.

Asus K53e A53e A52f K55 K55A U57 U57A K54e X54E are the most common models to have power jack repair Asus

asus X53u power jack repair socket input port connector replacement

Asus n56v n56v8 n56vm-rb71 power jack repair socket input port replacement

Asus Q200e x202E laptop power jack repair fix broken socket input port connector inlet receptacle

Asus A54c fix on a broken socket input port connect power jack

Asus X44H X44L X44L-BBK4 X44 X44HY X44L-BBK4 X44L-BBK4 power jack repair socket input port

Asus g73s dc power jack repair broken socket input port connector fix replacement

Asus n53s power jack repair fix broken socket input port connector charging inlet

Asus a73s A73 A73S A73SV laptop dc power jack socket input port repair replacement fix taking apart

Asus G53J G53JW power jack repair socket input port connector fix replacement

Laptop dc power jack socket input port connector repair replacement fix on asus g53 g53jw g53sw

Asus g74s laptop dc power jack socket input charging port repair fix replacement

Asus ux31e ux30 ux31 emsf4 laptop power jack repair socket input port connector replacement

Power port repair on asus g53j g53jw had a broken charging port socket input connector

Power socket input port jack repair replacement on asus u52f u53f 7586 bbl9

Asus UX30JC-A1 UX30JC UX30 broken power jack repair socket input port fix replacement

Asus vx7 vx7-a1 broken power jack repair socket input port connector fix replacement

power jack repair on laptop motherboard asus

Power jack repair replacement on computer laptop motherboard

Asus G53 Series G53, G53J, G53JW, G53JW-3DE, G53JW-A1, G53JW-XT1, G53SW, G53SX

Asus VivoBook F200E Series F200E, F200E-
Asus VivoBook F201E Series F201E, F201E-, F201E-KX033, F201E-KX034, F201E-KX035, F201E-KX036, F201E-KX052, F201E-KX062DU, F201E-KX063, F201E-KX065, F201E-KX066, F201E-KX165, F201E-KX166, F201E-KX167, F201E-KX195
Asus VivoBook F202E Series F202E, F202E-, F202E-CT028H, F202E-CT059H, F202E-CT063H, F202E-CT148H
Asus VivoBook Q200E Series Q200E, Q200E-x, Q200E-BHI3T45, Q200E-BSI3T08
Asus VivoBook S200E Series S200E, S200E-, S200E-C157H, S200E-C158H, S200E-CT157H, S200E-CT158H, S200E-CT159H, S200E-CT161H, S200E-CT162H, S200E-CT163H, S200E-CT176H, S200E-CT177H, S200E-CT178H, S200E-CT179H, S200E-CT182H, S200E-CT198H, S200E-CT199H, S200E-CT200H, S200E-CT206H, S200E-CT209H, S200E-CT210H, S200E-CT211H, S200E-CT214H, S200E-CT216H, S200E-CT217H, S200E-CT242H, S200E-CT243H, S200E-CT244H, S200E-CT283H, S200E-CT284H, S200E-CT286H, S200E-RHI3T73
Asus VivoBook S200L Series S200L, S200L, S200L3217E, S200L987E
Asus VivoBook S201E Series S201E, S201E-, S201E-6DKX
Asus VivoBook S202E Series S202E, S202E-
Asus VivoBook X201E Series X201E, X201E-, X201E-DH01, X201E-DS01, X201E-KX001, X201E-KX002, X201E-KX003, X201E-KX004, X201E-KX006, X201E-KX009, X201E-KX010, X201E-KX011, X201E-KX012, X201E-KX022, X201E-KX023, X201E-KX024, X201E-KX025, X201E-KX027, X201E-KX028, X201E-KX029, X201E-KX030, X201E-KX031, X201E-KX032, X201E-KX042, X201E-KX043, X201E-KX044, X201E-KX048, X201E-KX050, X201E-KX054, X201E-KX057, X201E-KX058, X201E-KX059, X201E-KX060, X201E-KX091, X201E-KX092, X201E-KX093, X201E-KX094, X201E-KX096, X201E-KX098, X201E-KX101, X201E-KX105, X201E-KX106, X201E-KX120, X201E-KX133, X201E-KX134, X201E-KX137, X201E-KX152, X201E-KX161, X201E-KX162, X201E-KX163, X201E-KX164, X201E-KX179, X201E-KX182, X201E-KX183, X201E-KX186
Asus VivoBook X202E Series X202E, X202E-, X202E-DB21T, X202E-DB91, X202E-DH31, X202E-DH31T, X202E-DH51T, X202E-UH31T

Asus EEE PC Disney MK90 Series MK90, MK90H

Asus EEE PC 1001 Series 1001HA, 1001HAG, 1001HT, 1001P, 1001PD, 1001PG, 1001PQ, 1001PQD, 1001PX. 1001PXB, 1001PXD
Asus EEE PC 1002 Series 1002H, 1002HA, 1002HAE, 1002SA
Asus EEE PC 1003 Series 1003H, 1003HA, 1003HAG
Asus EEE PC 1004 Series 1004DN
Asus EEE PC 1005 Series 1005, 1005HA, 1005HA_GG, 1005HAB, 1005HAG, 1005HE, 1005HR, 1005P, 1005PE, 1005PEG, 1005PG, 1005PR, 1005PX, 1005PXD
Asus EEE PC 1008 Series 1008HA, 1008HAG, 1008P, 1008PB, 1008PGO
Asus EEE PC 1015 Series 1015, 1015P, 1015PD, 1015PDG, 1015PDT, 1015PE, 1015PEB, 1015PED, 1015PEG, 1015PEM, 1015PN, 1015T
Asus EEE PC 1101 Series 1101, 1101HA, 1101HA_GG, 1101HAB, 1101HAG
Asus EEE PC 1201 Series 1201HA, 1201HAB, 1201HAG, 1201K, 1201N, 1201NB, 1201NE, 1201NL, 1201PN, 1201PNG, 1201T, 1201X
Asus EEE PC 1215 Series 1215N, 1215P, 1215T

Asus A7 Series A7k, A7KC, A7M, A7S, A7SN, A7SV, A7T, A7TB, A7TC, A7U, A7UC
Asus G2 Series G2S G2P-7R001M
Asus F52 Series F52, F52A
Asus F82 Series F82, F82Q
Asus K40 Series K40, K40AB, K40AC, K40AD, K40AE, K40AF, K40C, K50I, K40ID, K40IE, K40IJ, K40IL, K40IN, K40IP
Asus K50 Series K50AB, K50AD, K50AF, K50C, K50ID, K50IE, K50IJ-A1, K50IJ-C1, K50IJ-D1, K50IJ-G1B, K50IJ-J1, K50IJ-RX, K50IL, K50IN, K50IP
Asus K60 Series K60IJ, K60IL, K60IN
Asus K70 Series K70AB, K70AC, K70AD, K70AE, K70AF, K70IC, K70ID, K70IJ, K70IL, K70IO
Asus P50 Series P50IJ, P50IJ-X1, P50IJ-X2
Asus U43 Series U43F, U43JC, U43SD
Asus U50 Series U50, U50A, U50F
Asus UL50 Series UL50A, UL50AG, UL50AT, UL50AT-X1, UL50V, UL50VT
Asus UL80 Series UL80A, UL80AG, UL80AG-A1, UL80AG-A2, UL80V, UL80VT, UL80VT-A1, UL80VT-A1
Asus X5 Series X5, X5C, X5DC

K73, K73E, K73E-, K73E-A1, K73E-B1, K73E-BBR7, K73E-1BTY, K73E-DH31, K73E-DS31, K73SD-DS51, K73E-TY022V, K73E-TY028V, K73E-TY029D, K73E-TY029V, K73E-TY034D, K73E-TY034R, K73E-TY034V, K73E-TY034X, K73E-TY038D, K73E-TY040V, K73E-TY042V, K73E-TY054V, K73E-TY060D, K73E-TY060V, K73E-TY060X, K73E-TY061V, K73E-TY071V, K73E-TY072V, K73E-TY073V, K73E-TY076V, K73E-TY079V, K73E-TY080V, K73E-TY082V, K73E-TY083V, K73E-TY089V, K73E-TY096V, K73E-TY098X, K73E-TY105V, K73E-TY113V, K73E-TY122V, K73E-TY128V, K73E-TY131V, K73E-TY147V, K73E-TY151D, K73E-TY179V, K73E-TY181V, K73E-TY182V, K73E-TY185V, K73E-TY186V, K73E-TY189V, K73E-TY190V, K73E-TY194D, K73E-TY194R, K73E-TY202V, K73E-TY209V, K73E-TY210V, K73E-TY211V, K73E-TY213V, K73E-TY214V, K73E-TY216V, K73E-TY239V, K73E-TY242V, K73E-TY247V, K73E-TY252V, K73E-TY253V, K73E-TY254V, K73E-TY255V, K73E-TY256V, K73E-TY265V, K73E-TY279D, K73E-TY303D, K73E-TY303V, K73E-TY324V, K73E-TY325V, K73E-TY330V, K73E-TY335V, K73E-TY383V, K73E-TY433D, K73SD, K73SD-, K73SD-DS51, K73SD-1BTY, K73SD-TY041D, K73SD-TY081, K73SD-TY092, K73SD-TY109D, K73SD-TY165V, K73SD-TY198, K73SV, K73SV-, K73SV-DH51, K73SV-A1, K73SV-TY017V, K73SV-TY020V, K73SV-TY021V, K73SV-TY022V, K73SV-TY024V, K73SV-TY025V, K73SV-TY026V, K73SV-TY032V, K73SV-TY035D, K73SV-TY033V, K73SV-TY036V, K73SV-TY037V, K73SV-TY040V, K73SV-TY053V, K73SV-TY058V, K73SV-TY059V, K73SV-TY060D, K73SV-TY060V, K73SV-TY060X, K73SV-TY061V, K73SV-TY061X, K73SV-TY062V, K73SV-TY070V, K73SV-TY071V, K73SV-TY072V, K73SV-TY077V, K73SV-TY079V, K73SV-TY080V, K73SV-TY081V, K73SV-TY082V, K73SV-TY083V, K73SV-TY103V, K73SV-TY105V, K73SV-TY106X, K73SV-TY118V, K73SV-TY119V, K73SV-TY126V, K73SV-TY127V, K73SV-TY128V, K73SV-TY130V, K73SV-TY136D, K73SV-TY137V, K73SV-TY139V, K73SV-TY140V, K73SV-TY142V, K73SV-TY145D, K73SV-TY147V, K73SV-TY152V, K73SV-TY171V, K73SV-TY179V, K73SV-TY181, K73SV-TY200V, K73SV-TY201V, K73SV-TY202V, K73SV-TY211V, K73SV-TY212V, K73SV-TY213V, K73SV-TY214V, K73SV-TY223V, K73SV-TY230V, K73SV-TY233V, K73SV-TY247, K73SV-TY249, K73SV-TY250V, K73SV-TY251V, K73SV-TY252V, K73SV-TY253V, K73SV-TY273V, K73SV-TY277V, K73SV-TY285V, K73SV-TY291V, K73SV-TY299V, K73SV-TY300V, K73SV-TY319V, K73SV-TY324D, K73SV-TY325D, K73SV-TY329V, K73SV-TY329X, K73SV-TY330V, K73SV-TY331V, K73SV-TY331X, K73SV-TY332V, K73SV-TY335V, K73SV-TY339D, K73SV-TY339V, K73SV-TY357V, K73SV-TY360V, K73SV-TY365V, K73SV-TY369D, K73SV-TY374D, K73SV-TY379V, K73SV-TY381V, K73SV-TY382V, K73SV-TY383V, K73SV-TY385V, K73SV-TY393V, K73SV-TY395V, K73SV-TY413, K73SV-TY413V, K73SV-TY426D, K73SV-TY428V, K73SV-TY447V, K73SV-TY454V, K73SV-TY455D, K73SV-TY461, K73SV-TY464D, K73SV-TY465D, K73SV-TY469DM, K73SV-TY470D, K73SV-TY486D, K73SV-TY510, K73SV-TY532
Asus N10 Series N10E, N10E-, N10E-A1, N10E-HV005, N10E-HV013, N10J, N10J-, N10J-A1, N10J-A2, N10JC, N10JC-, N10JC-A1, N10JC-A2, N10JC-HV004, N10JC-HV005, N10JC-HV006, N10JC-HV006C, N10JC-HV007, N10JC-HV012, N10JC-HV016, N10JC-HV017U, N10JC-HV037C, N10JC-HV043, N10JH, N10JH-, N10JH-A1, N10JH-HV001E, N10JH-HV006E
Asus N53 Series N53JF-x, N53JF-A1, N53JF-MB1, N53JF-SX022V, N53JF-SX032D, N53JF-SX065V, N53JF-SX068V, N53JF-SX069V, N53JF-SX079V, N53JF-SX080V, N53JF-SX091V, N53JF-SX093V, N53JF-SX094D, N53JF-SX094V, N53JF-SX102V, N53JF-SX107V, N53JF-SX108V, N53JF-SX138V, N53JF-SX138X, N53JF-SX139V, N53JF-SX150V, N53JF-SX151V, N53JF-SX164V, N53JF-SX168V, N53JF-SX170V, N53JF-SX183V, N53JF-SX187V, N53JF-SX210V, N53JF-SX226V, N53JF-SX239V, N53JF-SX243D, N53JF-SX267D, N53JF-SX267V, N53JF-SX281V, N53JF-SX293V, N53JF-SX312V, N53JF-SZ005V, N53JF-SZ075V, N53JF-SZ100X, N53JF-SZ112V, N53JF-SZ113V, N53JF-SZ139V, N53JF-SZ140V, N53JF-SZ148V, N53JF-SZ156V, N53JF-SZ167V, N53JF-SZ206V, N53JF-SZ207V, N53JF-SZ216, N53JF-SZ253V, N53JF-SZ273V, N53JF-SZ276V, N53JF-SZ292V, N53JF-XE1, N53JF-XR1, N53JN, N53JN-x, N53JN-MA1, N53JN-SX003DX, N53JN-SX003V, N53JN-SX029D, N53JN-SX029DX, N53JN-SX029V, N53JN-SX030D, N53JN-SX030V, N53JN-SX031D, N53JN-SX031V, N53JN-SX032V, N53JN-SX033V, N53JN-SX035V, N53JN-SX037D, N53JN-SX053V, N53JN-SX056X, N53JN-SX057D, N53JN-SX057V, N53JN-SX058D, N53JN-SX058V, N53JN-SX060D, N53JN-SX060V, N53JN-SX065V, N53JN-SX085V, N53JN-SX091V, N53JN-SX093X, N53JN-SX098V, N53JN-SX102, N53JN-SX107D, N53JN-SX107V, N53JN-SX108V, N53JN-SX109, N53JN-SX115D, N53JN-SX125D, N53JN-SX127, N53JN-SX131V, N53JN-SX144X, N53JQ, N53JQ-x, N53JQ-A1, N53JQ-SX022V, N53JQ-SX022V, N53JQ-SX036V, N53JQ-SX041V, N53JQ-SX046V, N53JQ-SX052V, N53JQ-SX070V, N53JQ-SX074V, N53JQ-SX077V, N53JQ-SX086V, N53JQ-SX087V, N53JQ-SX088V, N53JQ-SX101V, N53JQ-SX108V, N53JQ-SX110, N53JQ-SX111V, N53JQ-SX113V, N53JQ-SX114V, N53JQ-SX116V, N53JQ-SX126V, N53JQ-SX145V, N53JQ-SX147, N53JQ-SX148V, N53JQ-SX150V, N53JQ-SX164V, N53JQ-SX165V, N53JQ-SX172V, N53JQ-SX200V, N53JQ-SX208V, N53JQ-SX210V, N53JQ-SX221R, N53JQ-SX223V, N53JQ-SX226V, N53JQ-SX238D, N53JQ-SX252V, N53JQ-SX468V, N53JQ-SZ021V, N53JQ-SZ035X, N53JQ-SZ079V, N53JQ-SZ097V, N53JQ-SZ103V, N53JQ-SZ104V, N53JQ-SZ112V, N53JQ-SZ113V, N53JQ-SZ118V, N53JQ-SZ120X, N53JQ-SZ133X, N53JQ-SZ137V, N53JQ-SZ141V, N53JQ-SZ142Z, N53JQ-SZ156V, N53JQ-SZ174V, N53JQ-SZ189V, N53JQ-SZ190V, N53JQ-SZ191V, N53JQ-SZ197X, N53JQ-SZ213V, N53JQ-SZ214V, N53JQ-SZ232V, N53JQ-SZ236V, N53JQ-SZ239V, N53JQ-SZ263V, N53JQ-SZ266V, N53JQ-XC1, N53JQ-XE1, N53JQ-XR1, N53JQ-XT1, N53JQ-XV1, N53S, N53SM, N53SM-x, N53SM-AS51, N53SM-DS71, N53SM-ES71, N53SM-ES72, N53SM-RS72, N53SN, N53SN-x, N53SN-EH71, N53SN-RH71, N53SN-RH72, N53SN-XR2, N53SN-XV1, N53SV, N53SV-x, N53SV-A1, N53SV-A2, N53SV-B1, N53SV-BH71, N53SV-CT7, N53SV-EH71, N53SV-EH72, N53SV-DH51, N53SV-DH71, N53SV-DH72, N53SV-XE1, N53SV-XR1, N53SV-XR2, N53SV-XV1
Asus N71 Series N71JA, N71JA-x, N71JA-2A, N71JQ, N71JQ-x, N71JQ-2A, N71JV, N71JV-x, N71JV-1C, N71VG, N71VG-x, N71VG-1A, N71VG-2A, N71VN, N71VN-x, N71VN-1A, N71VN-2A, N71VN-3A

Asus A52 Series A52x-x, A52F, A52F-XA1, A52F-XA2, A52F-XA3, A52F-XA4, A52F-XA5, A52F-XE, A52F-XE1, A52F-XE2, A52F-XE3, A52F-XE4, A52F-XE5, A52F-XE6, A52F-XT1, A52F-XT1R, A52F-XT2, A52F-XT22
Asus A53 Series A53x-x, A53E, A53E-A1B, A53E-AH51, A53E-AS51, A53E-EH31, A53E-EH71, A53E-EH91, A53E-ES31, A53E-ES71, A53E-NH51, A53E-TH52, A53E-TS52, A53E-XA1, A53E-XA2, A53E-XE1, A53E-XE2, A53E-XE3, A53E-XN1, A53E-XT2, A53E-XT3, A53E-XT4, A53SV-x, A53SV, A53SV-EH7, A53SV-EH71, A53SV-NH5, A53SV-NH51, A53SV-NH71, A53SV-TH71, A53SV-TH72, A53SV-XE2, A53SV-XN1, A53SV-XC1, A53SV-XE1, A53SV-XE2, A53SV-XN1, A53SV-XT1, A53SV-XT2, A53TA-, A53TA, A53TA-XE2, A53TA-XN1, A53U-x, A53Ux, A53U-EH11, A53U-EH21, A53U-EH22, A53U-ES01, A53U-ES11, A53U-ES21, A53U-XA1, A53U-XE1, A53U-XE2, A53U-XE3, A53U-XT2
Asus K52 Series K52x-x, K52F, K52F-A1, K52F-B1, K52F-BBR5, K52F-BBR9, K52F-BIN6, K52F-C1, K52F-C2B, K52F-D1, K52J, K52JB, K52JC, K52JC-A1, K52JC-B1, K52JC-X1, K52JC-X2, K52JC-XN1, K52JE, K52JE-XN1, K52JK, K52JK-A1, K52JR, K52JR-X2, K52JR-X4, K52JR-X5, K52JT, K52JT-A1, K52JT-B1, K52JT-XT1, K52JT-XT1R
Asus K53 Series K53x-x, K53E, K53E-BD4TD, K53E-BBR11, K53E-BBR14, K53E-BBR4, K53E-BBR7, K53E-BBR9, K53E-DH31, K53E-DH51, K53E-DH52, K53E-DH91, K53E-DS31, K53E-DS52, K53E-DS91, K53E-RBR4, K53E-RBR5, K53E-RBR9, K53E-RIN5, K53E-XB1, K53E-XB2, K53E-XR1, K53E-XR4, K53E-XQ2, K53SD-x, K53SD, K53SD-DS51, K53SD-DS71, K53SD-SX039V, K53SD-SX101V, K53SD-SX111D, K53SD-SX132V, K53SD-SX504V, K53SD-SX656, K53SV-x, K53SV, K53SV-A1, K53SV-B1, K53SV-DH51, K53SV-DH71, K53SV-XR1, K53SV-XR2, K53SV-XP1, K53TA-x, K53TA, K53TA-A1, K53TA-BBR6, K53TA-1BSX, K53U-x, K53U, K53U-A1, K53U-DH21, K53U-RBR5, K53U-RBR5, K53U-RBR7, K53U-YH21, K53U-1BSX,
Asus U52 Series U52x-x, U52F, U52F-BBG6, U52F-BBL5, U52F-BBL9
Asus X52 Series X52x-, X52F, X52F-X1, X52F-X2, X52F-X3, X52F-XF1, X52F-XF2, X52F-XR4, X52F-XR6, X52F-XR7, X52F-XR9
Asus X53 Series X53E, X53E-, X53E-1136V, X53E-1186, X53E-1187, X53E-RH, X53E-RH31, X53E-RH32, X53E-RH51, X53E-RH52, X53E-RH71, X53E-RH91, X53E-RH92, X53E-RS, X53E-RS31, X53E-RS32, X53E-RS51, X53E-RS52, X53E-RS53, X53E-SB, X53E-SB31, X53E-S, X53E-SX061V, X53E-SX064V, X53E-SX066V, X53E-SX078V, X53E-SX082V, X53E-SX088V, X53E-SX100V, X53E-SX103V, X53E-SX107V, X53E-SX118V, X53E-SX120V, X53E-SX121D, X53E-SX167V, X53E-SX174V, X53E-SX175D, X53E-SX176D, X53E-SX178V, X53E-SX201, X53E-SX217V, X53E-SX234X, X53E-SX235V, X53E-SX241D, X53E-SX241V, X53E-SX305V, X53E-SX353V, X53E-SX355V, X53E-SX381D, X53E-SX381V, X53E-SX382D, X53E-SX387, X53E-SX387V, X53E-SX391V, X53E-SX392V, X53E-SX393V, X53E-SX394V, X53E-SX395V, X53E-SX396V, X53E-SX397V, X53E-SX398V, X53E-SX399V, X53E-SX403V, X53E-SX404V, X53E-SX405V, X53E-SX408V, X53E-SX444D, X53E-SX445X, X53E-SX452V, X53E-SX492V, X53E-SX499V, X53E-SX806V, X53E-SX806X, X53E-SX851V, X53E-SX895V, X53E-SX897V, X53E-SX922V, X53E-SX923V, X53E-SX942D, X53E-SX947V, X53E-SX948V, X53E-SX949V, X53E-SX950V, X53E-SX956V, X53E-SX996V, X53E-SX997D, X53E-SX1008V, X53E-SX1009V, X53E-SX1015V, X53E-SX1070V, X53E-SX1111V, X53E-SX1136V, X53E-SX1144V, X53E-SX1152V, X53E-SX1159V, X53E-SX1167V, X53E-SX1170V, X53E-SX1186V, X53E-SX1194V, X53E-SX1196V, X53E-SX1209V, X53E-SX1225V, X53E-SX1226V, X53E-SX1328V, X53E-SX1330V, X53E-SX1339S, X53E-SX1393V, X53E-SX1394V, X53E-SX1403V, X53E-SX1416V, X53E-SX1443V, X53E-SX1444V, X53E-SX1449V, X53E-SX1450V, X53E-SX1452V, X53E-SX1488V, X53E-SX1489D, X53E-SX1533W, X53E-SX1555, X53E-SX1555V, X53E-SX1556D, X53E-SX1564V, X53E-SX1568V, X53E-SX1622V, X53E-SX1623V, X53E-SX1643V, X53E-SX1644V, X53E-SX1647V, X53E-SX1653V, X53E-SX1729V, X53E-SX1737, X53E-SX1737V, X53E-SX1747V, X53E-SX1763V, X53E-SX1776V, X53E-SX1810V, X53E-SX1865V, X53E-SX1866V, X53E-SX1884, X53E-SX1886V, X53E-SX1881D, X53E-SX1891V, X53E-SX1979V, X53E-SX1980V, X53E-SX1987V, X53E-SX1988V, X53E-SX1989V, X53E-SX1990V, X53E-SX2009V, X53E-SX2012, X53E-SX2014V, X53E-SX2015V, X53E-SX2022V, X53E-SX2023V, X53E-SX2028W, X53E-SX2043V, X53E-SX2056V, X53E-SX2057V, X53E-SX2067V, X53E-SX2076V, X53E-SX2145V, X53E-SX2145V, X53E-SX2172, X53E-SX2172D, X53E-SX2173D, X53E-SX2174V, X53E-SX2175V, X53E-SX2210V, X53E-SX2219V, X53E-SX2226D, X53E-SX2226V, X53E-SX2229V, X53E-SX2230V, X53E-SX2231V, X53E-SX2232V, X53U, X53U-, X53U-1ASX, X53U-1BSX, X53U-FS, X53U-FS11, X53U-RB, X53U-RB11, X53U-RB21, X53U-RH, X53U-RH11, X53U-RH21, X53U-SS, X53U-SS01, X53U-SS02, X53U-SSD, X53U-S, X53U-SX013D, X53U-SX018D, X53U-SX021, X53U-SX029V, X53U-SX028V, X53U-SX034V, X53U-SX036V, X53U-SX034V, X53U-SX043V, X53U-SX044V, X53U-SX047V, X53U-SX053D, X53U-SX059o, X53U-SX067D, X53U-SX071, X53U-SX071D, X53U-SX086D, X53U-SX087V, X53U-SX089V, X53U-SX090V, X53U-SX095V, X53U-SX101V, X53U-SX108V, X53U-SX123V, X53U-SX129oV, X53U-SX141V, X53U-SX155V, X53U-SX173V, X53U-SX175V, X53U-SX176, X53U-SX181D, X53U-SX196V, X53U-SX197D, X53U-SX201, X53U-SX201V, X53U-SX203V, X53U-SX214V, X53U-SX234V, X53U-SX242, X53U-SX242o, X53U-SX242D, X53U-SX242V, X53U-SX259V, X53U-SX261, X53U-SX261V, X53U-SX262D, X53U-SX263, X53U-SX263V, X53U-SX278V, X53U-SX280-BE, X53U-SX280D, X53U-SX283V, X53U-SX98V, X53U-SX299V, X53U-SX300V, X53U-SX317V, X53U-SX330V, X53U-SX331V, X53U-SX337, X53U-SX345V, X53U-SX348D, X53U-SX358D, X53U-SX34, X53U-SX364V, X53U-SX366V, X53U-SX367V, X53U-XR1, X53U-XR2, X53S, X53S-, X53S-RH, X53S-RH1, X53S-S, X53S-SX19, X53S-SX028V, X53S-SX041V, X53S-SX042V, X53S-SX045V, X53S-SX097V, X53S-SX182V, X53S-SX188V, X53S-SX191V, X53S-SX198V, X53S-SX200V, X53S-SX214V, X53S-SX218V, X53S-SX303V, X53S-SX304V, X53S-SX311V, X53S-SX407V, X53S-SX492D, X53S-SX496V, X53S-SX499V, X53S-SX600V, X53S-SX607V, X53S-SX622V, X53S-SX750V, X53S-SX887V, X53SC, X53SC-, X53SC-S, X53SC-SX019V, X53SC-SX034V, X53SC-SX035V, X53SC-SX037V, X53SC-SX038V, X53SC-SX039V, X53SC-SX040V, X53SC-SX041V, X53SC-SX042V, X53SC-SX043V, X53SC-SX045V, X53SC-SX079V, X53SC-SX081V, X53SC-SX100V, X53SC-SX104V, X53SC-SX105D, X53SC-SX105V, X53SC-SX109V, X53SC-SX129V, X53SC-SX129X, X53SC-SX130V, X53SC-SX132V, X53SC-SX141V, X53SC-SX144V, X53SC-SX151V, X53SC-SX174V, X53SC-SX177V, X53SC-SX178V, X53SC-SX182V, X53SC-SX187D, X53SC-SX200V, X53SC-SX214R, X53SC-SX223D, X53SC-SX224D, X53SC-SX259D, X53SC-SX260V, X53SC-SX272V, X53SC-SX285V, X53SC-SX285X, 53SC-SX286V, X53SC-SX292V, X53SC-SX303V, X53SC-SX304V, X53SC-SX311V, X53SC-SX312V, X53SC-SX325V, X53SC-SX343V, X53SC-SX345V, X53SC-SX346V, X53SC-SX382V, X53SC-SX383V, X53SC-SX389V, X53SC-SX390V, X53SC-SX391V, X53SC-SX392V, X53SC-SX408D, X53SC-SX408V, X53SC-SX408V, X53SC-SX411D, X53SC-SX412D, X53SC-SX413V, X53SC-SX421V, X53SC-SX424V, X53SC-SX425V, X53SC-SX426V, X53SC-SX427V, X53SC-SX428V, X53SC-SX431V, X53SC-SX432V, X53SC-SX432X, X53SC-SX435V, X53SC-SX439X, X53SC-SX447V, X53SC-SX482V, X53SC-SX486V, X53SC-SX492D, X53SC-SX496V, X53SC-SX499V, X53SC-SX509D, X53SC-SX518V, X53SC-SX521D, X53SC-SX521V, X53SC-SX525D, X53SC-SX526V, X53SC-SX533V, X53SC-SX536D, X53SC-SX537V, X53SC-SX539V, X53SC-SX543V, X53SC-SX546V, X53SC-SX547V, X53SC-SX562V, X53SC-SX572V, X53SC-SX594V, X53SC-SX595, X53SC-SX596V, X53SC-SX597V, X53SC-SX598V, X53SC-SX603V, X53SC-SX604V, X53SC-SX606V, X53SC-SX607V, X53SC-SX616V, X53SC-SX620V, X53SC-SX633V, X53SC-SX647V, X53SC-SX655V, X53SC-SX665V, X53SC-SX671V, X53SC-SX672V, X53SC-SX674V, X53SC-SX676V, X53SC-SX726V, X53SC-SX732V, X53SC-SX750V, X53SC-SX759V, X53SC-SX797V, X53SD, X53SD-, X53SD-191V, X53SD-191V, X53SD-1043V, X53SD-RH, X53SD-RH71, X53SD-RS51, X53SD-RS, X53SD-RS71, X53SD-S, X53SD-SX045V, X53SD-SX067V, X53SD-SX129V, X53SD-SX130V, X53SD-SX141V, X53SD-SX171V, X53SD-SX178R, X53SD-SX178V, X53SD-SX180V, X53SD-SX185V, X53SD-SX183V, X53SD-SX186V, X53SD-SX186X, X53SD-SX187V, X53SD-SX188V, X53SD-SX189V, X53SD-SX191V, X53SD-SX191X, X53SD-SX192V, X53SD-SX193V, X53SD-SX195V, X53SD-SX197V, X53SD-SX198V, X53SD-SX209V, X53SD-SX210V, X53SD-SX211V, X53SD-SX211X, X53SD-SX212V, X53SD-SX214V, X53SD-SX227V, X53SD-SX228V, X53SD-SX239V, X53SD-SX240, X53SD-SX240V, X53SD-SX275V, X53SD-SX317DV, X53SD-SX318V, X53SD-SX320V, X53SD-SX345V, X53SD-SX391D, X53SD-SX392D, X53SD-SX393D, X53SD-SX394D, X53SD-SX396D, X53SD-SX398D, X53SD-SX404V, X53SD-SX405V, X53SD-SX407V, X53SD-SX411V, X53SD-SX415V, X53SD-SX417V, X53SD-SX422V, X53SD-SX423V, X53SD-SX437V, X53SD-SX438V, X53SD-SX439V, X53SD-SX440V, X53SD-SX449R, X53SD-SX449V, X53SD-SX456, X53SD-SX456V, X53SD-SX460V, X53SD-SX495V, X53SD-SX533V, X53SD-SX535V, X53SD-SX536V, X53SD-SX569V, X53SD-SX572, X53SD-SX572V, X53SD-SX576, X53SD-SX576V, X53SD-SX594V, X53SD-SX597V, X53SD-SX600V, X53SD-SX607V, X53SD-SX621V, X53SD-SX622V, X53SD-SX646V, X53SD-SX668V, X53SD-SX676V, X53SD-SX695R, X53SD-SX699, X53SD-SX699V, X53SD-SX711V, X53SD-SX713V, X53SD-SX719V, X53SD-SX720V, X53SD-SX721, X53SD-SX721V, X53SD-SX734V, X53SD-SX750V, X53SD-SX758V, X53SD-SX759, X53SD-SX759V, X53SD-SX760V, X53SD-SX761V, X53SD-SX788V, X53SD-SX797V, X53SD-SX808V, X53SD-SX837V, X53SD-SX843V, X53SD-SX845V, X53SD-SX846V, X53SD-SX867V, X53SD-SX898V, X53SD-SX910V, X53SD-SX944D, X53SD-SX979V, X53SD-SX980V, X53SD-SX984V, X53SD-SX985V, X53SD-SX986V, X53SD-SX1011V, X53SD-SX1035V, X53SD-SX1040V, X53SD-SX1049V, X53SD-SX1053, X53SD-SX1053V, X53SD-SX1054V, X53SD-SX1057V, X53SD-SX1059, X53SD-SX1059V, X53SD-SX1062V, X53SD-SX1067V, X53SD-SX1068V, X53SD-SX1079V, X53SD-SX1081V, X53SD-SX1082V, X53SD-SX1087V, X53SD-SX1117V, X53SD-SX1170V, X53SD-SX1171V, X53SD-SX1172V, X53SD-SX1173V, X53SD-SX1174V, X53SD-SX1198, X53SD-SX1198V, X53SD-SX1214V, X53SD-SX1221V, X53SD-SX1223V, X53SD-SX1237D, X53SD-SX1238D, X53SD-SX1272V, X53SD-SX1279V, X53SD-SX1280V, X53SD-SX1281V, X53SD-SX1297V, X53SD-SX1299V, X53SD-SX1314V, X53SD-SX1316V, X53SD-SX1322V, X53SD-SX1323V, X53SD-SX1324V, X53SD-SX1325V, X53SD-SX1362V, X53SD-SX1363V, X53SD-SX3761V, X53SV, X53SV-, X53SV-MH, X53SV-MH71, X53SV-RH, X53SV-RH51, X53SV-RH52, X53SV-RH71, X53SV-S, X53SV-SX014V, X53SV-SX034V, X53SV-SX039V, X53SV-SX040V, X53SV-SX041V, X53SV-SX042V, X53SV-SX045V, X53SV-SX079V, X53SV-SX080V, X53SV-SX081V, X53SV-SX090V, X53SV-SX094, X53SV-SX094V, X53SV-SX095V, X53SV-SX096V, X53SV-SX097V, X53SV-SX100V, X53SV-SX102V, X53SV-SX103V, X53SV-SX110V, X53SV-SX111V, X53SV-SX116V, X53SV-SX117V, X53SV-SX126V, X53SV-SX127V, X53SV-SX128V, X53SV-SX129, X53SV-SX129V, X53SV-SX131V, X53SV-SX132V, X53SV-SX134V, X53SV-SX173V, X53SV-SX177V, X53SV-SX178V, X53SV-SX179V, X53SV-SX182V, X53SV-SX186V, X53SV-SX191V, X53SV-SX193V, X53SV-SX197V, X53SV-SX198, X53SV-SX198V, X53SV-SX198X, X53SV-SX200, X53SV-SX200V, X53SV-SX200X, X53SV-SX211V, X53SV-SX212, X53SV-SX212V, X53SV-SX213V, X53SV-SX214, X53SV-SX214V, X53SV-SX217V, X53SV-SX218V, X53SV-SX219V, X53SV-SX226V, X53SV-SX228V, X53SV-SX230D, X53SV-SX231V, X53SV-SX234V, X53SV-SX239V, X53SV-SX241V, X53SV-SX242V, X53SV-SX246, X53SV-SX246R, X53SV-SX246V, X53SV-SX251V, X53SV-SX254V, X53SV-SX260V, X53SV-SX276V, X53SV-SX279V, X53SV-SX281V, X53SV-SX288V, X53SV-SX291, X53SV-SX291V, X53SV-SX292V, X53SV-SX294V, X53SV-SX296V, X53SV-SX299D, X53SV-SX303V, X53SV-SX304V, X53SV-SX310V, X53SV-SX311V, X53SV-SX318V, X53SV-SX327V, X53SV-SX336V, X53SV-SX337V, X53SV-SX340V, X53SV-SX342V, X53SV-SX343V, X53SV-SX344V, X53SV-SX345, X53SV-SX345V, X53SV-SX346V, X53SV-SX348V, X53SV-SX352V, X53SV-SX360V, X53SV-SX361V, X53SV-SX362V, X53SV-SX380V, X53SV-SX387V, X53SV-SX389V, X53SV-SX397D, X53SV-SX378D, X53SV-SX421V, X53SV-SX424V, X53SV-SX425V, X53SV-SX426V, X53SV-SX429V, X53SV-SX431V, X53SV-SX432V, X53SV-SX434V, X53SV-SX437V, X53SV-SX438V, X53SV-SX450V, X53SV-SX451V, X53SV-SX452V, X53SV-SX453V, X53SV-SX464V, X53SV-SX469V, X53SV-SX489V, X53SV-SX490V, X53SV-SX493RV, X53SV-SX495V, X53SV-SX499V, X53SV-SX521D, X53SV-SX526V, X53SV-SX555R, X53SV-SX557R, X53SV-SX580V, X53SV-SX585V, X53SV-SX586D, X53SV-SX586V, X53SV-SX591V, X53SV-SX594V, X53SV-SX596V, X53SV-SX598V, X53SV-SX599V, X53SV-SX600V, X53SV-SX600V, X53SV-SX601V, X53SV-SX603V, X53SV-SX605V, X53SV-SX606V, X53SV-SX607V, X53SV-SX609V, X53SV-SX610V, X53SV-SX619V, X53SV-SX620V, X53SV-SX621V, X53SV-SX622V, X53SV-SX624V, X53SV-SX670V, X53SV-SX673V, X53SV-SX676V, X53SV-SX720V, X53SV-SX721V, X53SV-SX727V, X53SV-SX728V, X53SV-SX729V, X53SV-SX750V, X53SV-SX759, X53SV-SX759V, X53SV-SX760V, X53SV-SX763V, X53SV-SX773V, X53SV-SX778V, X53SV-SX781V, X53SV-SX787R, X53SV-SX787V, X53SV-SX797V, X53SV-SX829V, X53SV-SX847V, X53SV-SX855V, X53SV-SX859V, X53SV-SX864V, X53SV-SX885V, X53SV-SX886V, X53SV-SX887V, X53SV-SX891, X53SV-SX891V, X53SV-SX917V, X53SV-SX918V, X53SV-SX919V, X53SV-SX938V, X53SV-SX961V, X53SV-SX971V, X53SV-SX972V, X53SV-SX984, X53SV-SX1022V, X53SV-SX1026V, X53SV-SOx, X53SV-SO725V, X53SV-SO742V, X53SV-SO920V, X53SV-SO929V, X53SV-SO937V, X53SV-SO951V, X53SV-SO960V, X53SV-SO961V, X53SV-SO976V, X53SV-SO977V, X53SV-SO988V, X53SV-SO1009V, X53SJ, X53SJ-, X53SJ-126, X53SJ-126V, X53SJ-128V, X53SJ-129V, X53SJ-148, X53SJ-2630, X53SJ-134V, X53SJ-S, X53SJ-SX125V, X53SJ-SX126V, X53SJ-SX127V, X53SJ-SX128V, X53SJ-SX129V, X53SJ-SX132V, X53SJ-SX133V, X53SJ-SX134V, X53SJ-SX136V, X53SJ-SX141V, X53SJ-SX148V, X53SJ-SX150V, X53SJ-SX152V, X53SJ-SX154V, X53SJ-SX167, X53SJ-SX167V, X53SJ-SX190V, X53SJ-SX197V, X53SJ-SX206D, X53SJ-SX218V, X53SJ-SX219D, X53SJ-SX220D, X53SJ-SX231V, X53SJ-SX308V, X53SJ-SX309V, X53SJ-SX310V, X53SJ-SX311V, X53SJ-SX321D, X53SJ-SX337V, X53SJ-SX357V, X53SJ-SX358V, X53SJ-SX359V, X53SJ-SX360V, X53SJ-SX361V, X53SJ-SX362V, X53SJ-SX368D, X53SJ-SX369D, X53SJ-SX376V, X53SJ-SX377V, X53SJ-SX385V, X53SJ-SX391V, X53SJ-SX393V, X53SJ-SX394V, X53SJ-SX414V, X53SJ-SX415V, X53SJ-SX416V, X53SJ-SX417V, X53SJ-SX418V, X53SJ-SX421V, X53SJ-SX459V, X53SJ-SX461V, X53SJ-SX464V, X53SJ-SX465V, X53SJ-SX466V, X53SJ-SX467V, X53SJ-SX468V, X53SJ-SX489V, X53SJ-SX494V, X53SJ-SX503V, X53SJ-SX509V, X53SJ-SX511V, X53SJ-SX518V, X53SJ-SX519V, X53SJ-SX525V, X53SJ-SX531V, X53SJ-SX534V, X53SJ-SX535V, X53SJ-SX537V, X53Z, X53Z-, X53Z-RS, X53Z-RS61, X53Z-RS63, X53Z-RS64, X53Z-RH, X53Z-RH61, X53Z-S, X53Z-SX017V, X53Z-SX020V, X53Z-SX032D, X53Z-SX032V, X53Z-SX033V, X53Z-SX041D, X53Z-SX052V, X53Z-SX066V, X53Z-SX068V, X53Z-SX080V, X53Z-SX081V, X53Z-SX084V, X53Z-SX094V, X53Z-SX096V, X53Z-SX101V, X53Z-SX102V, X53Z-SX156V, X53Z-SX156V
Asus X54 Series X54H, X54H-, X54H-BD, X54H-BD1BH, X54H-BD3MA, X54H-SOx, X54H-SO060V, X54H-SO066V, X54H-SO075V, X54H-SO077V, X54H-SO079V, X54H-SO110, X54H-SO124D, X54H-SO142D, X54H-SO158, X54H-SO164V, X54H-SO180V, X54H-SO181V, X54H-SO166V, X54H-SO214V, X54H-SO217V, X54H-SO242V, X54H-SO252, X54H-SO264D, X54H-SO264V, X54H-SO335D, X54H-S, X54H-SX011R, X54H-SX018V, X54H-SX021V, X54H-SX025V, X54H-SX028, X54H-SX029D, X54H-SX030D, X54H-SX030V, X54H-SX032V, X54H-SX037V, X54H-SX038D, X54H-SX042V, X54H-SX046V, X54H-SX047, X54H-SX047D, X54H-SX047V, X54H-SX048V, X54H-SX052V, X54H-SX057V, X54H-SX058D, X54H-SX066O, X54H-SX066R, X54H-SX067D, X54H-SX067V, X54H-SX068V, X54H-SX073V, X54H-SX074D, X54H-SX074V, X54H-SX074X, X54H-SX076, X54H-SX076V, X54H-SX079V, X54H-SX081D, X54H-SX082V, X54H-SX073V, X54H-SX086V, X54H-SX091, X54H-SX091D, X54H-SX091V, X54H-SX095, X54H-SX104V, X54H-SX105D, X54H-SX112D, X54H-SX113D, X54H-SX113R, X54H-SX116V, X54H-SX118D, X54H-SX121V, X54H-SX122V, X54H-SX123D, X54H-SX123V, X54H-SX124, X54H-SX126D, X54H-SX126V, X54H-SX129V, X54H-SX132D, X54H-SX136D, X54H-SX137D, X54H-SX138V, X54H-SX145, X54H-SX145D, X54H-SX145R, X54H-SX152, X54H-SX152D, X54H-SX153, X54H-SX153V, X54H-SX154, X54H-SX155, X54H-SX156, X54H-SX168D, X54H-SX168V, X54H-SX170D,X54H-SX177V, X54H-SX186V, X54H-SX189, X54H-SX189V, X54H-SX193D, X54H-SX196V, X54H-SX198V, X54H-SX203V, X54H-SX212, X54H-SX212V, X54H-SX220, X54H-SX220V, X54H-SX222, X54H-SX222V, X54H-SX227D, X54H-SX229, X54H-SX229V, X54H-SX230, X54H-SX233O, X54H-SX234D, X54H-SX247, X54H-SX248D, X54H-SX251V, X54H-SX252V, X54H-SX260V, X54H-SX261D, X54H-SX270V, X54H-SX270Z, X54H-SX278V, X54H-SX287V, X54H-SX290D, X54H-SX315V, X54H-SX336D

Asus A2500H Series

Asus G51 Series G51, G51JX-3D, G51JX-A1, G51JX-A2, G51JX-X2, G51JX-X4, G51VX, G51VX-A1, G51VX-RX05, G51VX-X1A
Asus G60 Series G60J, G60J-JX029V, G60J-JX031V, G60J-JX031X, G60JX, G60JX-JX032V, G60JX-JX066X, G60JX-JX140V, G60JX-JX154V, G60JX-RBBX05, G60VX, G60VX-RBBX05
Asus G72 Series G72, G72GX
Asus G73 series G73JH, G73JW
Asus X83 series X83, X83V X83V-x, X83VB, X83VB-x
Asus Z84 series Z84FM, Z84JP

N71JA-2A N71JQ-2A N71JV-1C N71VG N71VG-1A

N71 N71JQ N71VG N71VN N71JV

N75SL N75SL-DS71 N75SF-DH71