Power Jack Repair Charge Port Replacement Fix

Power Jack Repair replacement fix specializes in dc power jack replacements repair and fixes of charging ports on laptop computers.  DC power Jack on the laptop is also known as an AC DC (direct current) power port, dc power input, laptop dc power connector, laptop charging port, notebook charge port, pc power socket, pin, computer power inlet,  laptop prong, inlet, charging receptacle part,  it is an inside piece in the laptop where the dc power plug (tip part of your AC adapter cable) plugs into.  It usually goes bad if for quite some time you had to wiggle the plug to make the system power up or charge the battery, it also goes bad if you would accidentally drop the notebook computer from a table and it lands on a dc power plug that would push in and break the inside power jack connector of your laptop.

Basically, if your laptop battery is not charging anymore, you have to wiggle or jiggle the plug and dc connector constantly to make the system work because the piece inside is loose, the screen flickers, then it is probably the dc power jack issue.  If the laptop is at the point where it does not power up anymore at all then the jack is completely broke.

Our full time jobs are taking the laptops apart, remove / de-solder the dc power jack from the laptop’s motherboard,  solder the new power jack to the motherboard, put your laptop back together, test it out, make sure everything works and everything was connected properly, package the laptop and send it back to you.  Year 2023 turn around times are: your laptop should be out of here within 2-3 business days after we receive it.

To fix your laptop we charge a flat rate fee of $120  for labor and parts. (Flat rate inflation adjusted for the year 2024). If you already taken the laptop apart yourself and want us to fix just the motherboard then the fee is $60 for labor and parts. If you have a USB type C charging port (connector just like on your phone) please visit USBCRepair.com for more information on repairing these. We offer 30 day money back guarantee and we also have a NO FIX NO CHARGE policy, if we can’t make your laptop work then you will get your money back in the box with the laptop. We don’t have any diagnostic fees, bench fees, or any other fees.  We have a 5 star rating on Facebook reviews, Yelp review, BBB, Google reviews  if you are not happy with the service we simply give the money back.   We work on all laptop makes and models. 


If you decide to use our services please pack your laptops very well, please include your AC power adapter with the shipment (if you forget to put it in the box don’t worry we have adapters here to test your laptop with), if you want you may remove the hard drive and keep it at home, we do not need any of your passwords.  Fedex Ground is the cheapest carrier for mailing laptops, save money by not paying for “signature required” service, our location is in the middle of nowhere.  Pack the laptop yourself since Fedex Kinko’s or UPS store charges ridiculous amount of money for packing your laptop.  Please enclose a prepaid return shipping label from the carrier of your choice (FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery or UPS Ground), in case the shipping place will give you trouble with the return label then just put  check or cash in the box similar to the amount you paid to ship the package to us (please don’t send  stamps). Take pictures of all the shipping labels that you purchase, especially the return shipping label so you would know the tracking number for the package going back your way.   If you are sending in just the motherboard $10 is sufficient to cover the return shipping by USPS priority mail so you can either put $10  in the box or preferrably enclose a prepaid return shipping label.  Double check that the SHIP TO address is matching our address, and return address on the return shipping label matches your address when labels are printed. Enclose a payment for the repair in the box: put the payment of $120 (check  payable to Applicasoft ) or cash in an envelope between the screen and the keyboard, and ship your package to:

FOX LAKE, IL 60020

With any questions please send us an email: portrepair@gmail.com or TEXT at any reasonable time (847) 529 9441  Please include the make and model of your laptop in your messages.

When choosing us as your service provider please keep the following facts in mind:

  • We are the first company in the U.S. to offer dc jack repair (power connector socket input port prong receptacle) service by mail in the year 2000, in 2024 we still replace more dc power jacks than anybody else in the world.  
  • We offer 30 days money back guarantee, if you are unhappy with the repair within first 30 days of using the fixed laptop then let us know and we will give you the money back.
  • We have a no fix no charge policy, basically if after the dc jack replacement the system does not fire up then we don’t charge you anything, we put your payment back in the box and ship it back your way.
  • We specialize in power jack replacements, we don’t work on any other computer issues except power jack repairs thus we have all parts in stock at all times.
  • We don’t fix your old jackwe simply put a brand new one instead of the old one (we replace it)
  • Our price is all inclusive, there is no up selling, there are no diagnostic fees of any kind, there is no bait and switch.  We make the system work at an advertised price, or we don’t.
  • Legitimacy and reviews:  Please check our Facebook, yelp, google reviews.
  • We made more than 1200+ how to videos of power jack repairs and posted on our YouTube channel at: YOUTUBE.com/powerjackrepair
  • We are the largest distributor of DC Power Jacks in the U.S. If you want to do the repair yourself and you just need the parts you can order the parts for any make and model here: www.LaptopPort.com

The most common laptops that we work on here every day are 

Lenovo Legion Laptops y540 y530 y545 y740 5 5i 7 7i y740 L340  MSI gaming laptops ASUS ROG republic of gamers games MSI gaming systems EVOO Dell insipron 15, 13, HP x360 Asus Q series  Alienware HP Probook HP Pavilion Samsung CyberPowerPC Dell Inspiron HP Elitebook  Sager Clevo Gigabyte Pretty much anything gaming related will at some point have an issue with the power jack.  

If you had to wiggle jiggle the plug for quite some time then we are here to help you.  If your laptop stopped working all of the sudden for no reason then we probably won’t be able to help you.

Symptoms of a loose or broken or cracked power jack socket input port connector receptacle are:

    • very loose charging port socket jack input portlaptop power jack repair
    • broken power jack charge port or plastic housing for power jack
    • malfunctioning laptop dc power sockets
    • bad power connector
    • cracked power socket
    • ac power adapter plug broken, bad or missing
    • dc power jack is loose
    • dc power jack loose faulty broken
    • laptop jack intermittent connection to the motherboard
    • laptop power connector gone bad
    • need replacing the power jack
    • Lenovo power jack bad
    • Dell power jack bad
    • Samsung power jack bad
    • Chromebook power jack bad
    • Lambda Deep Learning laptop repair
    • HP Pavilion power jack bad
    • Compaq power jack bad
    • Toshiba power jack bad
    • Gigabyte power jack bad
    • CyberPower power jack bad
    • Asus power jack bad
    • Gateway power jack
    • Clevo MSI PowerSpec ROG
    • Dell power connector loose faulty
    • Faulty Samsung power jack
    • Faulty Asus power jack
    • Faulty Acer power jack

  After taking my laptop in, what was originally thought to possibly be a disconnected wire or a broken jack turned out to be corrosion build-up on both the pin and the power port.  A bit of cleaning, a little filing, some soldering, and my laptop was consistently charging again.  I am very happy with the communication, the process, and the results.

thumb R. M.

  My laptop stopped running on AC/DC. A local computer repair business said as long as it was still running fine on battery (it was), there was nothing wrong with the computer and that it was the power jack (inside the laptop) that needed replacement/fixing. And they referred me to Applicasoft (Power Jack Repair) as they know of no one in the SF Bay Area who does these repairs. I was told by a local computer guru that the $100 fee (includes shipment back to you) is a good price (if you send them only the motherboard it is $60). As promised, at the end of the day following their receipt of my laptop, Applicasoft (Power Jack Repair) had shipped my machine back to me.

I just got it back and it works like a dream, good as new. They also fixed my broken original power supply cord (the tip was damaged) so I am glad to be using this once again instead of the replacement non-factory cord I had been using for the past six months. Thank you Eugene at Applicasoft!

thumb Lesley H.

  Very skilled technician working out of his home. Professional and polite. You can mail your laptop in or just drop it off locally if you're in the area. Charges a fair flate rate and works quickly. We had a problem with a laptop power jack requiring a complete disassembly, he was available to do it the same day in one hour for $100. Total lifesaver, worth every penny.

thumb D H.

  I called a few places after my computer was malfunctioning and nobody answered their phone. This owner answered and let me bring it right over. He fixed it on the spot. Knowledgeable and very nice. I recommend and will use again.

thumb Dana P.

  Went through ABOVE AND BEYOND!

Man, I'm so thankful for the technician. My razer laptop power port broke, I tried replacing it myself but was a rookie at it. I sent it to a nearby technician where they made it worse, peeled off the pads and didn't solder well. They tried to get me to sell the laptop and buy a new one from them. Feeling all lost hope, I contacted power jack repair guy and assured me he will be able to fix it. I watched the video repair he did on my laptop and man I'm so thankful and so sorry! I'm sorry for the painful job that you had to go through to fix the pins and display cable. You're truly the best!

thumb Ramen N.

  I shipped my computer from Seattle Washington. My ASUS N73SV laptop was repaired and shipped back to me for $100. Service was fast and the laptop is now charging as intended. I am very happy with the service I received.

thumb Randy W.

  Great guy. Found his video on youtube which led me to look up his location. Could not believe he was in my neighborhood. Saved my laptop. Thank you!

thumb Fred F.

  After not being able to find anyone locally to do such a repair, I located Power Jack Repair via Youtube after watching them fix the same make/model of laptop I was having issues with. According to the tracking numbers, Power Jack Repair had my laptop in their care and custody for 24 hours before shipping it back to me.

I wouldn't hesitate at all using this company. Awesome and fast service as well as excellent communication.

thumb Mike D.

  A.m.a.z.i.n.g.  Like other folks, I "took a chance" based on Google Reviews.  Shipped it last week, returned this week, and repaired for $100.  ("Geek Squad" wanted $175 to just look at it.)  Came back with (1) new power jack in computer and (2) my power cord repaired (possible damage to cord plug)  because he didn't find any visible damage when he repaired the Power Jack on the computer.  So, no problems, no worries.  Let this guy fix your power jack.  Thanks!

thumb Donald B.

  My wife's Lenovo Legion power jack started to come loose to the point that it was coming off the motherboard. We found these guys through YouTube and mailed it to them with a return label. $100 and a week later it was back with us and works perfectly! We highly recommend these guys. All they do is power jack repairs and they were totally worth it.

thumb Preston S.

  I had a laptop that was rendered unusable over a year because its power jack no longer worked.  After Googling for how to fix the issue, I determined that I didn't have the expertise to replace my laptop's power jack on my own. However, I was glad to have found Power Jack Repair's videos on Youtube, which were so professional that it helped convince me to ship my laptop to  them for repair.  This shop was quick to fix the problem, and shipping was every bit as quick (not to mention that the packaging was superb)!  Most importantly, the part and repair cost all-in was extremely fair.  I doubt there's a better one-stop shop to send your laptop to for power jack repair at a reasonable cost. I rarely give reviews, but this company deserves 5 stars and then some.  The world needs more reliable and trustworthy companies like this one!

thumb Jeremy E.

  I normally don't write reviews but his service was amazing and I myself was sooooo skeptical about just shipping off my laptop to a random company but I received my laptop and it works better than ever he also supplied me with a new power cord and it fits so nice and snug I would definitely use his service again in the future

thumb Jason W.

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A laptop power jack is the port where you connect the charger to your laptop. It supplies power to the laptop and allows it to charge the battery. Common problems with laptop power jacks include a loose charging port, a damaged jack, or a problem with the connection between the jack and the motherboard.

  • Fast turnaround times: We offer a 2-3 day turnaround time on most laptop power jack repairs.
  • Affordable prices: Our prices start at just $60 for a laptop power jack repair.
  • Free diagnostics: We offer free diagnostics to determine the exact problem with your laptop power jack.
  • Expertise and experience: Our technicians are certified and have over 20 years of experience repairing laptop power jacks.

We specialize in repairing broken laptop charging ports, including loose charging ports, damaged jacks, and problems with the connection between the jack and the motherboard. We can fix all types of laptops, regardless of the make or model.