Thank you for your payment

Please pack up your laptop very well, enclose an ac adapter (if you have it and only if you are shipping a complete laptop), if you are shipping just the motherboard no need to provide the power supply, provide your return shipping address and ship it any way you want (cheaper by UPS ground or Fedex ground or FedEx Home Delivery) if sending the whole laptop. If sending just the motherboard it is cheaper to send it by USPS (United States Postal Service) priority mail, flat rate box would be more expensive than just basic USPS priority. Print out this page if possible, or just make a note on what date you paid and the name that was used to pay and put that information preferably between the screen and the keyboard of your laptop.
If possible indicate if you can accept both USPS and UPS, we ship back primarily by UPS but if the package is light and small (like a motherboard) in size we go with USPS priority mail for return shipping. Please indicate if you can’t accept UPS or USPS at your location.

Ship your laptop or a motherboard to:
FOX LAKE, IL 60020

Phone: 847 529 9441

Chicago location for walk in clients, please make an appointment and you can stop by at:
710 MILL CIRCLE #107 wheeling, IL 60090 or at the mail to address above.