Thank you for your payment

Please pack your laptops very well, please include your AC power adapter with the shipment (if you forget to put it in the box don’t worry we have adapters here to test your laptop with), if you want you may remove the hard drive and keep it at home.   Pack the laptop yourself since Fedex Kinko’s and UPS store charges ridiculous amount of money for packing your laptop.  Please enclose a prepaid return shipping label from the carrier of your choice (FedEx Ground or UPS Ground), for return shipping by USPS please just put a check in the box similar to the amount you paid to ship it to us (please don’t send change or stamps). Take pictures of all the shipping labels you purchase, especially the return shipping label so you would know the tracking number for the package going back your way.  If you are sending in just the motherboard please enclose $10 to cover the return shipping by USPS priority mail or enclose a prepaid return shipping label. If you are sending in the complete laptop please provide a prepaid return shipping label.

FOX LAKE, IL 60020

TEXT or CALL:  1 (847) 529 9441