Blinking green light on the laptop AC adapter

If your laptop ac adapter also known as a power supply has a blinking or flashing green light and the laptop / notebook system does not power up at all while the ac adapter is plugged into the laptop, then you have a short on the motherboard. Also if you have a light on the power jack/ input /port that usually blue when you plug the cord in and it is not blue anymore (i.e. DV6000 or DV9000 series) then it is also a short on the board.

What are the symptoms of the short on the laptop motherboard?

You plug in your ac adapter into the wall ac power outlet; the light on the ac adapter is solid green at that time. As soon as you connect the ac adapter’s plug into the laptop the light on the ac adapter dims and does not show green at all until the next time you unplug the ac adapter from the laptop and from the wall or the ac adapter could simply be blinking green. At the same time system does not power up from the ac adapter.

What this means?
This means that once the short is being encountered the AC adapter, power brick, power supply shuts itself down, once it shuts itself down the green light goes out. If the ac adapter is more advance it tries to restart itself thus the blinking light. Every time ac adapter restarts the shortage happens and thus the light comes up and dims out.

Is it fixable?
No, if you do it yourself. There isn’t a device out there that could show you where the short is at on the motherboard.

Can we fix it?
Maybe. The chances for dell and HP / Compaq computers that have a blinking light / shortage on the motherboard are about 60% that we can fix it because we know what to look for, again there are no tools out there that can identify where the short is at but since we are in business of power repairs on laptop computers we for the most part know where to look for the short. Again chances for dell and hp computers are 60%. For all other computers are about 40% chance that we will find where the short is at. Again we can only fix it if the light goes out on the ac adapter, or keeps blinking green whenever you plug in the ac adapter into the laptop. Or if it is some HP model that has a light on the power connector / jack such as HP DV6000 DV9000. Keep in mind we are one of very few companies, maybe the only one in U.S. that can actually fix that shortage issue.

Side Effects of removing a shortage?
If you decide to ship the laptop to us, please know, we will tear the motherboard on your laptop apart. There are going to be many components taken off the motherboard, lifted off of the motherboad etc... If we would not be able to find where the short is at, we are NOT going to be putting all the little components on the motherboard back together, basically after we will be done with trying to remove the shortage the motherboard will either work, or be a complete garbage. Another side effect is that your battery PROBABLY won't charge. The shortage usually kills the battery or the battery charging circuit.

How much would it cost to fix it?
There is no diagnostic or any other fees. We only charge you if the system is working fine after the repair. The price structure is as follows.
If you send the whole laptop to us with the ac adapter we will need 2 checks from you, first check for $10 to cover the return shipping back to you the second check is for $115 for labor. If we fix the laptop and it works fine we keep both checks $10+$115 = $100. If we won’t fix the laptop and it does not work fine then we only keep the $10 check to cover our return shipping cost.   Or just make sure to include prepaid return label and don't worry about the $10 check for return shipping.

Turnaround times?
We keep the system here no more than 24 hours.

Where to send the laptop to?
1) Make checks out to Applicasoft. One for $10 another one for $115
2) Make a note specifically stating that you have a short on the motherboard
3) Make a note saying where to ship the laptop back to, as well as your phone number and email address if you want us to send the tracking number to your email address.

Send WELL PACKAGED laptop with the AC adapter to:

710 MILL CIRCLE #107

(847) 529 9441

If you are in Chicago land area feel free to stop by but please call to make an appointment.

Most common systems?
Dell M500 M600 M700
Dell Inspiron and Latitude
HP / Compaq Pavilion DV9000 and DV6000
Other computers such as sony, acer, Toshiba, hp, Compaq, averatec, also have the same issues but they are much harder to work with, but it is the same price.